Saturday, November 24, 2018

Show-Me Recession Underway In Missouri

As the nation fears an impending recession despite the holiday bump . . . Here's a glimpse at good times in Missouri already coming up short. Checkit:

Missouri income remains down, but officials stay optimistic

Missouri's general-revenue income is down about $110 million, compared to a year ago, largely because of federal tax cuts. But state budget director Dan Haug is optimistic that this fiscal year will show better numbers during its second half.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Trump! MAGA!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump has accomplished an amazing number of things to improve the economy with next to no support from the rest of the country. We should all try working with him a see what happens. After all we are ALL Americans first.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Trump is truly our savior. Why, he's almost worthy of deification. Just ask him.