Friday, November 30, 2018

Kansas City Tax Break Crackdown?!?!?

Hopeful ordinance from local activists earns a bit of progress but might not realize Council can rewrite, rework or simply kill their efforts . . . Just ask Clay Chastain. Take a look:

Coalition Has Signatures To Force A Vote On New Kansas City Incentives Cap

A petition asking Kansas City voters to limit property tax abatements has been certified by the City Clerk's office and had a first read before the City Council on Thursday, the Kansas City Business Journal reports. The clerk's office certified 2,321 valid signatures on a petition sponsored by the Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform.


Anonymous said...

"Economic Development Reform"?
Just ahead of a city election?
When a majority of the campaign cash comes from developers and their attorneys?

Anonymous said...

Wow getting over two thousand valid signatures on a petition is pretty amazing. In my experience people clinch up and don't want to sign anything... That took a ton of work by volunteers.

r a d i s h

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Actually found the opposite. You ask people nicely and they'll sign just about anything.

And most of these signatures are waiting for them at local retirement homes.