Friday, November 30, 2018

Ending Asset Forfeiture In Missouri & Kansas

Important overview of a SCOTUS case and how it might push back against the tactics of some local law enforcement agencies. Checkit:

Supreme Court case could have major impact on law in Missouri, Kansas

A law that brings in millions of dollars for law enforcement in Kansas and Missouri could soon change. Under a law called civil asset forfeiture, a traffic stop could end with someone losing their car or life savings. Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard a case from Indiana that looks at the law.


Anonymous said...

It's crazy to think in America your assets can be taken and held into perpetuity, even after acquittal.

Anonymous said...

^^Correct! Your government wants your stuff! Revolt against it! Rise up and don't take it anymore. Remember, there is no collusion and MAGA!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, uh, I'm not a fucking loon man. Just commenting on the ridiculousness of asset seizure.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that turned me off of governor colyer was his veto of a bill which paid back thousands of dollars that WyCo sheriffs stole from a topeka resident and then did a federal DEA adoption asset forfeiture. Civil asset forfeiture is horrible policy that enriches law enforcement at the expense of the citizens.