Thursday, August 09, 2018

Show-Me #TBT With Fmr. Missouri Guv Jay

The world according to a politico who governed long ago before the hyper-partisan Prez Trump era . . . He could have been Hillary's Vice Prez running mate if not for social media inspired riots that ultimately destroyed the middle-ground in American politics.

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Politically Speaking: Former Gov. Nixon on education, parks, sports - and Missouri leadership

Former Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon returns to Politically Speaking to discuss a multitude of issues, including the state of St. Louis' education system and the challenges of gubernatorial leadership. Nixon served as governor from 2009 to 2017. He is one of four men (Mel Carnahan, John Ashcroft and Warren Hearnes) to be elected to two consecutive terms as Missouri's chief executive.


Anonymous said...

McCaskill will win in November, serve one more term, and retire in 6 years.

Then it's Senator Nixon's turn.

Anonymous said...

Jay Nixon is a cunt who allowed the negroes to burn and loot Ferguson in 2014 and did nothing to stop them.

Anonymous said...

What was the loss of Ferguson burning to the ground?

Anonymous said...

The Jay Nixon administration was filled with corruption and cronyism.
The State of Missouri overlooked the problems with the duck water craft in Arkansas and other states.
The drowning at Lake of the Ozarks of a young man under arrest, without a life jacket, can be partly blamed on the lack of training of the officer.
Jay Nixon combined the Water Patrol with the Highway Patrol and insufficient training was given to HP officers.
Jay Nixon was involved when the Missouri National Guard was told to stand down and let the riots in Ferguson continue. Loss of life and businesses resulted.
Missouri regulates and licenses water craft. Motorized vehicles are inspected for safety and licensed.
Missouri should have been aware of the national problems with these "ducks" and instituted some regulations or requirements.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:24 - Good start on bagging on Jay, but you left out that he thought MU going to the SEC was a good thing. What have they achieved by that? Nothing except lining Jay Nixon's and Mike Alden's pockets. They killed a rivalry that spanned the ages and energized two hundred miles of fans along I-70 from Columbia to Lawrence and provided over an additional million dollars to each basketball program each year. All for their personal gain.