Friday, May 11, 2018

The Kansas City News Link Look

Friday afternoon inspiration and a bit of welcomed promo pictorial for all of our clock watcher readers right now . . .

Amy Lee Summers in “138 Water” Bikini Photoshoot in Malibu

Closer to home, here's pooling of our the local worthwhile news links and local foodie consideration for right now . . .

Taste Of Kansas City Diabetes!!!

Doughnut Lounge shuts down in Kansas City - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City area has seen the number of high-end doughnut shops go from a sprinkling to covering the metro like a fine glaze the past few months, but one entrant has closed just after undergoing a rapid expansion.

Nasty Meth Town Food News

Investigator finds insects, rodents and other pests inside East Buffet on 40-Hwy

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A buffet in Independence is temporarily closed while making adjustments after an inspector found health code violations. After a complaint was filed against East Buffet on 40 Highway, an Independence Public Health Investigator conducted an inspection. The investigator's report says the restaurant had insects, rodents and other pests inside.

Fancy Eatery Fade Away

Town Center Plaza's Dean & Deluca closing

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Time for fans of the Dean & DeLuca store in Leawood's Town Center Plaza to shop there is running out. A spokesperson for the gourmet food store told 41 Action News Friday the store, one of the original key tenants at the shopping center, will close on May 21.

Bad Luck For Sunflower State Residents Who Don't Understand Statistics

Kansas legalizing vending machine sales of lottery tickets

Kansas has legalized the sale of state lottery tickets through vending machines, and they're expected to start popping up in stores and gas stations next year. Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer this week signed a bill sought by lottery officials to authorize vending-machine sales.

Show-Me Hardcore Corporate Agenda Amid Sex Scandal Distraction

Missouri House approves right-to-work amendment

State senators have voted to move up the date of a public vote on whether Missouri should be a right-to-work state. Senators voted 23-7 on the measure early Friday morning after Democrats fought overnight to block a vote. The proposal deals with a right-to-work law banning mandatory union fees that was passed by lawmakers last year.

Corporate History Ends In FAIL

TIMELINE: Sprint's 120 Years In Kansas City

The Sprint campus in Overland Park, Kansas, was inaugurated in the late 1990s. It's a collegial brick complex surrounded by lawns and trees, and built to house about 14,000 employees. Today, were than 6,000 Sprint workers occupy the company's headquarters, and some of the space is leased to other businesses.

Kansas City Oodles Of Advice

Food Critics: The Best Noodles In Kansas City In 2018

Noodles are having a moment Kansas City. "There's an awful lot of chefs in the city right now with small pasta menus within their main menu," Jenny Vergara told host Gina Kaufmann on KCUR's Central Standard. "It's because they're making it in-house and they're very proud of it."

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Anonymous said...

Life's a Beach when you're a nice piece of poon.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see right to low wages approved again in the MO legislature.

The race to the bottom continues.

Thanks GOP.

Anonymous said...

When the new good jobs come in after Right to Work is approved, you can thank us sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Vending machine scratch off tickets will help keep the gambling dummies from holding up the line at convenience stories, good deal.