Sunday, April 29, 2018

Witness Local Catholic Gun Violence Vigil

A look at metro faith-based student advocacy against school violence . . . Posted because it's an alternative view of the gun debate. Keeping the comments open for now and having faith that TKC commenters won't be total scumbags regarding this worthwhile community news item:

Bishop Miege raises awareness of gun violence in schools

by Olivia Martin ROELAND PARK - In the past 19 years, over 150,000 students at more than 170 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on their campuses. On April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting that left 13 dead, some 230 Bishop Miege students organized and participated in a silent procession and moment of prayer to raise awareness of gun violence in schools.


Super Dave said...

"But for the Bishop Miege students, respect and dialogue were always at the forefront.

The very first thing we said to each other was that we were going to respect differences,” said Engler. “We respected differences in the way we spoke today. Respecting differences means we can dialogue.”

Kudos to these kids and for viewing the issue as more a Pro Life protest over banning guns as a whole. To bad some of the other school districts don't follow the same stances and conduct.

Anonymous said...

at what age does one gain wisdom?

Anonymous said...

So, Catholic students are allowed to protest gun violence, but public school students are vilified as attacking the constitution?



Seems to be plenty of the 1%ers families have kiddies in those exclusive schools and affiliated churches. Seems to be many of those 1%ers dads and moms have safe workplaces with tightly controlled access and armed security personnel. Seems to be the Vatican is a fortress keeping Papa Francisco very safe there. Surely, at those fine educational and church facilities that the 1%ers pay generous tuitions and tithes to, their precious kiddies have adequate security like their parents and the Pope. Seriously. Let's be prepared. Very many retailers, government properties, sports arenas, banks, medical campuses, law offices, tech firms, warehouses, manufacturing firms, casinos, and on and on PROVIDE LAYERS OF SECURITY FOR THE OCCUPANTS AND VISITORS.

It's smart. It generates jobs. It aids safety for students and staff in what are potentially vulnerable environs when there's no trained security and lacking controlled access.