Saturday, April 14, 2018

Firing Off More Guv Greitens News Links At The Outset Of Missouri Impeachment

In a characteristically selfish and egotistical move, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is going to force the entire state to focus on his sexual proclivities and admitted adultery rather than allow government progress on far more important political issues.

And so, we'd like to share some of the better news links on the sordid topic of this ongoing scandal as a former Navy Seal drags Missouri through the mud.

Northeast Against The Guv

Letter to the Editor: Representative Burnett calls for Greitens to resign

There are times in in a person's life when the honorable thing to do is to put aside your personal ambition, and direct your attention to your family. Our Governor is in a position to do that now, but he hasn't.


Lt. Gov. Parson: No official 'is larger than the state of Missouri'

Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, who would succeed to the state's top job if the sex scandal embroiling Gov. Eric Greitens results in resignation or impeachment, said Friday night that leaders must have strong moral values and put the state ahead of their own interests.Parson, who was elected in 2016 on the same ticket with Greitens, declined to be interviewed about the governor at the annual Boone County Republican Lincoln Day dinner.

Think Piece On Stubborn Guv

Missouri Governor Greitens Is Going Down Kicking and Screaming

Despite blustery attacks (complete with allegations of "fake news" and "witch hunts") on his many tormenters, which are highly reminiscent of the tactics of the current president of the United States, Missouri governor Eric Greitens's political troubles seem to be deepening.

Show-Me The Inevitable Countown

How Long Can Eric Greitens Hold On?

The man at the top is in trouble. The attorney general, a member of his own party, won't defend him. There's talk of impeachment. Republican legislators are restive and fear that he's putting their electoral chances at risk. The exec himself remains defiant, insisting he's the subject of political witch hunts and fake news.

Fact Checking The Right-Wing

Did Eric Greitens' accuser say photo may have been a dream?

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is expected to go to trial in May on a felony indictment of invasion of privacy related to an allegation that he took a photo of a woman who was partially nude without her consent.

Show-Me Impeachment Process

House Majority Leader details steps for possible Greitens impeachment

(From Rep. Mike Cierpiot, R-Lee's Summit) As many of you may know, our governor has been under investigation for allegedly taking a nonconsensual photograph of a woman with whom he engaged in an extramarital affair, prior to being elected governor. As a result, the governor is facing a felony invasion of privacy charge.

Legalese Last Stand

Missouri Gov. Greitens claims prosecutor hid evidence until after 'sexy workout' allegations

Attorneys for embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens claimed Thursday that the prosecutor in his felony invasion-of-privacy trial concealed evidence until after the release of a legislative committee report that led to calls for the Republican to step down. In a statement, Greitens claimed St.

Paper Of Record Roundup

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, His Affair, and the Chaos that Followed.

In February, prosecutors charged Mr. Greitens with invasion of privacy, a felony in Missouri, in connection with the photograph. The woman, who worked as a hairdresser and had cut Mr. Greitens's hair, has not been publicly identified and has told officials that she did not wish to share her story with law enforcement or the public; she has repeatedly turned down requests for interviews.

Show-Me Democratic Party Stand

Missouri Democrats to oppose special session in push to impeach Gov. Eric Greitens

CLOSE JEFFERSON CITY - Though Missouri's elected Democrats are few, there are enough of them to block Republican leaders' plans for a special session regarding discipline for Gov. Eric Greitens. House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City, said Friday that her caucus will not support the special session planned by Republican leaders.

Nationwide Scandal Perspective

Greitens' fight for political survival could be tougher than ever in the #MeToo era

T he biggest threat facing Gov. Eric Greitens right now might not be Missouri legislators pondering impeachment, or even a St. Louis prosecutor pressing a felony case. His biggest threat might be the era in which we live.

Argument Against Missouri Guv Greitens Now Bigger Than Court Case

Acquittal of Missouri governor Eric Greitens wouldn't guarantee political survival

Embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says his upcoming criminal trial will prove his innocence of an invasion of privacy charge stemming from an extramarital affair and allow him to move past the scandal. Experts say that's far from certain, especially after new and even more troubling allegations emerged this week.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I for one want to hear all the juicy details, make me proud guv!!!

I hope that idiot Kim gardener gets her just rewards as well

Anonymous said...

What’s happening in Missouri is a shadow of what’s happening in Washington: the Democrats, desperate to do anything to unseat a president they don’t like, are bringing up past relationships to try to embarrass and potentially impeach him.

If Governor Greitens is allowed to be taken down by Democrats for what he may or may not have done years ago, that same argument will be interpreted and used by Democrats in the House of Representatives to take down President Trump. That’s scary for any and all of us who support President Trump and his agenda.

We have known from the beginning that the case against President Trump was a witch hunt being led by Democrats who are simply still upset that they lost an election. The case against Governor Greitens has similar origins.

We know it’s been led by Democrats. We know the Democrat circuit attorney who brought these charges is funded by George Soros. We know that the former head of Missouri’s Democratic Party, Roy Temple, has been subpoenaed and was speaking to a reporter about the story — a reporter at a liberal outlet who has been called as a fact witness in the case. We know that Sen. Claire McCaskill has come out attacking the Governor and calling for his resignation from the first news report. In other words, the media, the legal system, and politicians from the fringe left are arrayed and organized against the Governor.

Color me surprised.

We also know this: their case against the Governor is as shaky as the case against Donald Trump. The report that was published on Wednesday is based on one side’s account, and it may well be false, through no fault of the people who produced it. The Democrat circuit attorney hid evidence in this case, which mysteriously reemerged just days ago: a video tape that the prosecutor said had been lost and then, just before the release of this damaging report, was miraculously found.

According to the hearing testimony, that video tape may prove that the affair was consensual, and that the description the woman gave to the House committee was incorrect or incomplete.

Greitens’ attorneys did the right thing: they brought this to the judge, who appears to be aghast at the possible concealment of evidence from his courtroom. If the transcript of the hearing is to be believed, he may himself bar the prosecutor from this case or dismiss it entirely. The concealment of exculpatory evidence is very troubling, and it should trouble all Americans.

Anonymous said...

^^Good commentary on what is really happening my friend.

Anonymous said...

9:36 is either Greitens himself or a paid consultant.

Regular people are sickened by this controversy.

Anonymous said...

If you think regular people are sickened by the Greiten's mess, wait till you heard the screaming and denials that pour out when the proof is revealed that Trump knocked up his Housekeeper in 2012, and then paid for her to get an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Tip of the iceberg.
Look for more charges very soon.
Confide App cache subpoenas being fought by Greitens is funny as he has nothing to hide.
Between the Confide App - which will be unbelievable - and his charity emails- just vacating his Governor position is nothing.
Hope he keeps “Tweeting” on Twitter as it just gives the other government arms more ammunition.
Impeachment is the very least of his worries.

Anonymous said...

Many people are calling for Sheena to leave him now... many people know how scary it must be living with him.
He won’t have money for very long and her divorce will help other women leave their very sick husbands.
She will find support out there as she is a victim also.
So many lies he told his wife... he is capable of almost anything if he lied to his family.
Sex predators are very unlikely to be rehabbed and experts have weighed in on his methods of operation and he is very real.
No judge in America will throw out charges on technicality lest they themselves will be removed.
America has spoken - he will be impeached by 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats.
Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

Well said 9:56! It's a dangerous precedent to allow an election to be overturned by a crooked prosecutor and a bunch of Baghdad Bobs. The attacks on PRESIDENT TRUMP and GOVERNOR GREITENS are nothing but an attempt to subvert the will of the VOTERS.

JoCoPost said...

Greitens is all upset about Kim withholding evidence.

Well, he withheld evidence--from Sheena.

"What are these torn clothes in the laundry, Eric?"

Oh, nothin, Sheena. A neighbor cut his leg and I was tearing things up to make a tournequet. But then he didn't need it, so I just tossed them in the laundry so our French maid will have dusting cloths. Don't THINK a thing about it, dear."

Anonymous said...

Grow up, 1:25.
Sheena knew exactly what she was buying, when she squeezed this tomato.

Anonymous said...

I second that motion as well

Anonymous said...

Tracy is a sick person. She needs medication. Without it she gets pretty silly.

Anonymous said...

Greitens is a mole for sure?
Was a Democrat and still is.
Won’t quit so he drags Republicans down the toilet ensuring Mccaskill a victory.
Democrats in all their glory hope Greitens never resigns and drags it out.
Smart money is dark money given to Greitens by Democrats like Soros to help make Republicans look bad.
Greitens will “Seal” the victory for Dems.

Anonymous said...

1:25 JoCoPost- what about concealing the Confide App?
What about concealing dark money?
What about concealing his hate/love for lobbyists?
What about concealing his changing feeling on party affiliations?
You don’t have to go to an amusement park to get on a roller coaster- they are all closed due to cold weather- Greitens brings his brand and style of roller coasters to every Missourian and it goes national for no additional charge.

Anonymous said...

not even fun to watch.

JoCoPost said...

Great points, 4:51!!

I do think that folks who expect the Confide app to have and then disclose upon subpoena--a back disk of concealed information might be disappointed. Not sure that's how it works.

Tho the NSA might have access to it. But if they revealed it, just for this pissant governor, they'd be alerting all the other bad actors that nothing is truly secret.

Remember in WWII, the British cracked the code (alan turing) two years before they revealed it.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Dick Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody look at me the Dick Tracy from the Jocopost that nobody cares about


^11:05 is either Gardner or another under FBI scrutiny.

Rational people believe the loudest finger-pointer in that circuit attorney office is BUSTED.

Hilly Clintoon Has Bimbo Eruptions PTSD said...

You already wrote this on kcmopost. This time you left out your stereotyping of Jew women and Jewish family customs. And you didn't do your dig on misused Catholic prayer, tossing in the claim pedo priests can never be rehabilitated by Hail Marys, along with your errors about PTSD.

Anonymous said...

Eric is a 5'4" piece of hot throbbing man gristle.

Anonymous said...

who was forcing us to focus on his sexual proclivities?

Anonymous said...

the only thing the public has interest about or the attention span to focus on is real or imagined sexual proclivities.

Anonymous said...

.... and somehow the female lawmakers ran to the bathroom crying with empathy for someone who actually got laid within the vicinity of this shithole town.

Anonymous said...

i haven't had any kind of sex within a 1600 mile radius of this state in decades, and twas certainly never good sex.

Anonymous said...

Spank me, Eric!
Force your throbbing man-sex into my mouth!

I won't talk. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Duke Lacrosse

Anonymous said...

Quoted from USA Today:
As for Greitens' lawyer calling the attorney of a potential witness and making a request, "we would never, never do that," Wampler said. "That's pushing the envelope. That's going on the line there, if that's true.

Sounds like Greitens attorney has some explaining to do Monday. That’s some hot doo-doo if witness tampering.
Looks like Greitens and his crack team of lobbyists and lawyers have met their match.

The Greitens team turned over their stuff- unlike the Confide App- but that’s a cache under subpoena that if discoverable will put little Eric away and give his wife more ammo.

Anonymous said...

How is it a witch hunt -Mr Rhoda’s scholar- if your own party (pick either since you were a Democrat) abandoned you?

We are moving forward legislatively but to the extent that he has much impact at this point his engagement with the legislature is not strong and his relationship with the legislature is not good,” said State Representative Republican Kevin Corlew.

What doesn’t Greitens ex-wife think?