Monday, March 05, 2018

The Kansas City News Link Monday Night

Tonight we check in with some of the top Kansas City news links inspired by the ongoing grind of Tay-Tay and her dedication to a hard-fought pr0n career. Checkit:

Kansas City "Tiny Caddy" Debuts

New Cadillac XT4 premieres during Oscars broadcast - Kansas City Business Journal

Instead of turning to three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, to advertise, Cadillac used the airing of the 90th Academy Awards to give viewers a first peek at its new SUV and the future of the company in three TV spots. That premium compact SUV, called the XT4, will be built at General Motors' Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Kan.

Internets Rages Against Brooklyn BBQ

Vice claimed 'Brooklyn barbecue' was world famous. Now it is - in the worst way possible.

"Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?" Vice asked in a headline this weekend, only to learn that the world disputes the premise. The article contended that Brooklyn - a fast-growing suburb of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - had invented a style of barbecue that was, Vice wrote, "spreading, very quickly and without warning, to every f-ing corner of the world."

Where's Waldo Peace Of Mind???

Waldo neighbor confronts suspected robber, hears gunshots

Neighbors on one street in Kansas City's Waldo Homes neighborhood are on edge after a series of gunshots when a fellow neighbor confronted a suspected robber. No one was hurt, neighbors said. Jake Lemmond said he woke to three loud shots just after 3 a.m.

Hometown Artsy Experiment

For Two Kansas City Art Institute Grads, Bright And Drab Colors Tell Equally Vibrant Stories

When two trained and industrious young artists, each exhibiting a set of arresting photos, understand themselves less as notable new photographers than as people with serious questions who happen to have cameras - just like everyone else with an iPhone and an Instagram - the message is a striking indication of where the form is headed now.

Fatality Following Horrific KCMO Crash

Independence man dies after being critically injured in crash involving Ride KC bus and car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man critically injured in crash involving a car and Ride KC bus has died, officials say. Dennis E. Schoellhorn, 56, was a passenger in a red Ford Fusion that was traveling southbound Friday on Charlotte Street when it was hit on the driver's side by a Ride KC bus that was headed westbound on 25th Street.

Local Irish Party Daze Coming Soon

North Kansas City celebrates Snake Saturday, Chef Baldee's Pizza debuts in the West Bottoms, and more: KC's food and drink events for March 5-11

Courtesy Snake Saturday Monday, March 5 Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen (1526 Walnut Street) is hosting a wine dinner tonight featuring Barolo wines. Italian winemakers Francesca Vaira (G. D. Vajra Estates) and Pietro Oddero (Poderi Oddero) will be on hand representing their labels for the four-course meal.

Kansas City Winter Blast Redux

First Alert Forecast: Hold on to your hats

First Alert Forecast: Hold on to your hats

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