Show-Me Guv Greitens Confronting Questions About 'Missouri Boys State' E-mail Blast

Part of another investigation that is not as sexy as the alleged "revenge pr0n" adultery crisis that threatens to ruin his political career. Read more:

Messenger: Greitens accused of using Missouri Boys State emails to benefit his campaign

In 2011, Tom Dwyer was one of the "best and brightest." After finishing his junior year at Vianney High School, the University City teen headed to the University of Central Missouri for eight days of learning about leadership and government at Missouri Boys State.


  1. Sister Severa3/4/18, 5:09 PM

    What is "half naked"? One butt cheek?

  2. More Beria and Stalin stuff. Who is behind this attack on The Governor? Cui Bono?

  3. Now it's young boys for Greitens?

    Must have picked up bad habits from Eric Prince and his Dubai sheik friends.

  4. Messenger has brought to light a hypocritical Greitens on so many faces.
    That Governor Ductape would take advantage of a youth group and go down the drain as the prosecution drains the swamp- what more has the lying, cheating, cold dead beating, two timing Greitens done? What’s behind the next corner?
    No doubt the GOV is helping sell papers...too bad it’s for the wrong reasons.
    Eric- can you please wait to resign on April 1? It’s your day!

  5. Greitens continues to go after the the prosecutor- links to far right.
    In effect he attacks the messenger.
    Fittingly- the Messenger in real life form exposes him.
    From coast to coast Missouri’s hall of shame poster boy sinks so low that politics has hit a new low and the scale can no longer go downwards.
    Thanks for making Missouri’s highest Office the laughingstock of the United States.

  6. If you were going to hack at politicians who used non profits and government resources to forward their political agendas we would have no city or county government. Of course we would also not have a sports complex, a train, a science city, casinos, no free internet, no free medical care, no tax payer supported newspaper and less lawn mowers.

  7. Cui gives a shit? It's got a fuckin' bow on it!


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