Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Pitch Delves Into Sketchy World Of Independence, MO City Contracts

Here's the "alt." newspaper working diligently on a story that might not get a lot of play . . . Still offering a worthwhile look at the underworld of local municipal bidding that's worth a read:

Independence won't stop doing business with a 'rent-a-vet'-affiliated contractor

City of Independence When it awards contracts, the federal government by law grants preferred status to certain groups, such as businesses owned by women and minorities. Such quotas also apply to veteran-owned businesses. This is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

And just how many "Women and Minority Owned Subcontractors" has J. E. Dunn set up over the years?
Must be well over 500 by now, it was over 300 last time they got caught at it (but got off scott-free, of course).

Anonymous said...

Contracts related to Independence City government are much like civil service positions. They ask their cousin what attributes his/her company possesses and then they write requirements to match the very company they intend to award the competitive contract. The city needs leadership - not some damn dingaling that thinks the answers to the city problems are flower pots on every porch and half inch grass on residential lawns.