Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Kansas City 'Explorastorium' Finds Home

North of Downtown, global first and an impressive community resource is on the way . . . The Rabbit hOle is scheduled to open in its permanent home in 2019; initially, it will contain 60,000 square feet of programming and exhibition space.

Checkit and expect the newspaper & public radio follow-up soon from something our blog community put on blast FIRST to the community at large . . .

Down the Rabbit Hole: Kansas City Explor-a-Storium Finds a Permanent Home

The Rabbit hOle, the proposed "explor-a-storium" in Kansas City envisioned by artists and former booksellers Deb Pettid and Pete Cowdin, is becoming a reality with the recent purchase of a 165,000-square-foot warehouse that will become the project's permanent home. The building, in an industrial area north of downtown that is undergoing new development, cost $2.2 million.

Read more: www.rabbitholekc.org


DeBergerac said...

NO! NO! NO! Hipsters, KU 35-40 year-old Frat Boys and Sorority Girls, NKC is HORRIBLE! Stay South, go to the P&L District, Westport, the Plaza, and all those "cool" places, there's nothing that would interest you AT ALL north of the River!

(Please note that the above advice does not apply to Parents, their kids, people who like to have a good time, or anyone who knows which direction the bill of a Cap is supposed to face.)


DeBergerac said...

(p.s. Oh, and Jenee Osterheld, too!)