Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jackson County Democrats Pen Screed Against Missouri GOP Over Lady Wages

Here's a strident note from local Dems calling out the MISSOURI SUPER-MAJORITY on the topic of employment fairness during Women's History Month.

Take a peek:

Jackson County Democrats: House Republicans Reject Equal Pay For Women

(via Rep. Jerome Barnes)
Majority House Republicans on March 6 defeated Democratic legislation to strengthen Missouri laws requiring gender pay equity. The proposal sponsored by state Rep. Brandon Ellington, D-Kansas City, failed on a vote of 55-89, with all of the “no” votes coming from Republicans.

During the debate, House Democrats argued that existing gender pay disparities are inherently unfair and run counter to the generally accepted notion of “equal pay for equal work.” Republicans opposed to gender pay equity legislation, argued that women tend to be paid less because they tend to choose lower-paid occupations or because of career disruptions caused by pregnancy – not due to inherent bias in pay structures.

Democrats offered the gender pay equity proposal as an amendment to another measure, House Bill 1729. The bill seeks to repeal the existing Missouri law that requires workers on public construction projects to be paid no less than the local prevailing wage. The bill won first-round approval on an 86-63 vote. A second vote is required for it to advance to the Senate.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The Republicans were right. The Democrats know it, they are just tossing raw meat to one of their grievance groups with another dog-and-pony show.

Anonymous said...

Pinko bills.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell pay women equally? The almost never do equal work. Besides they are the ones who set the precedent by working for cheap hoes wages for decades, undermining men in their jobs, and after leaving the kids to be raised in the streets and educated by television they want respect? Fuck them.