Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Kansas City Love Day News Links


We're calling this "Ass Wednesday" and so we start this love day just a bit chill and offer tribute to Fergie's finely-aged booty as we contemplate the top local news stories for right now:

Kansas City Locks It Down

Love Locks multiplying at Minor Park's Red Bridge

The week of Valentine's Day typically adds 500-700 new locks.

Dead Tree Laments Job Loss

Closing of a business shows the importance of planning

Harley Davidson's decision to close the Kansas City manufacturing plant is a blow to this region. The plant opened here in 1998 and recently reported some 800 workers. The North Kansas City plant, set to close completely by early 2019, offered good jobs with an iconic American company.

Deets On Upcoming Kemper FAIL
Inside the Kemper Arena renovation being undertaken by the Foutch Brothers
Newsflash: Youngsters Use Smartphones!!!

Millennials spend a lot of time swiping for love on dating apps, new research finds

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Millennials are spending a lot of time looking for love on dating apps, according to new research. found that millennials spend 10 hours a week swiping for that special someone, as reported in The Independent. The research showed that men spend about 6 minutes more than women on dating apps, averaging 85 minutes a day.

Rock Chalk Cancer Survivor

She Struggled Against Cancer, And To Get Insurance - Now She's Pushing For Kansas Medicaid Expansion

Amy Houston got the bad news - a diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma - in 2009. She started working 10-hour days in her corporate job to get Fridays off for chemotherapy. But that schedule no longer worked when the time came for daily radiation treatments. "I lost my job and therefore lost my medical insurance," Houston said.

Show-Me Police Doggies FAILED

Boosting penalties for police dog assaults fizzles in Missouri House

JEFFERSON CITY * Legislation that would increase penalties for those who assault law enforcement animals failed in the Missouri House on Monday - and jolted back to life broader discussions in the chamber over race and policing. A group of African-American lawmakers derided the proposal, saying the GOP-led Legislature had continually refused to consider legislation strengthening police accountability standards.

Footballer Domestic Drama Real Life Hurts Kansas City Fanboy Adoration

Kansas City Chiefs: Kareem Hunt report will hang over offseason

Over the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs came face to face with the situation that every team in the league fears right now. A star player was involved in a situation where a woman claims she was assaulted by the player. For the Chiefs, that player is star running back Kareem Hunt.

I Used To Love Her - Guns N' Roses is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title: Fine ass Fergie.

Anonymous said...

Amy Houston lost her medical insurance only because she failed to elect COBRA coverage when whe was terminated from her job. Yes, it's expensive, but it is a bargain if you already have cancer. Now she just wants free (to her, not to us).

Anonymous said...

^^^^and her job just fired her for having cancer? No FMLA with an option to keep insurance. I call bullshit. Name the company that fired you for cancer.

Anonymous said...


After performing in the St. Louis area, riots and plundering broke out in Fergie when fans stormed the back door!!!

Anonymous said...

Tip from a Harley Davidson spouse - labor contract expires this Summer. Is company able to cut compensation and compel early closing?