Friday, February 16, 2018

The Kansas City Early Link Pool

This morning we don't just celebrate hottie dancing Ashley but we also rejoice that her moves are in support of body acceptance and education . . . In the same spirit, we share these Kansas City MSM news links. Take a look:

The McTavish Weekend Plan

6 Big Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

How big is too big? There's no such thing this weekend, with entertainments whose sheer size and/or towering reputation can't help but elicit extraordinary appreciation. From the awesomely planetary to the impressively encyclopedic, the intensely grand to the entirely over the top - here's your list of lofty events to absolutely lose yourself in before life returns to normal on Monday.

Luckily Nobody Was Hurt @ The Casino

UPDATE: Man in custody after hostage situation ends at Argosy Casino

UPDATE 2:01 a.m.: The hostage situation at the Argosy Casino is over. At about 1:30 a.m. on Friday, police entered the room and took the suspect into custody. A woman was in the room with the male, but she was not injured. The ordeal last about eight hours.

KCMO Housing Threaten Youngsters???

Thousands of homes could be giving hundreds of metro children lead poisoning

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Across Kansas and Missouri, there's a real health danger to our children where symptoms don't exist, medicine rarely works and the money to make things better is lacking. FOX 4 spent nearly five months investigating a health crisis that has touched both sides of the state line and every county in the area.

Kansas City Health Tech Preview

KC Neurologist working on a device to diagnose concussions on the sidelines

A Neurologist in Kansas City is working on a device to diagnose concussions almost instantly on the sidelines. His research could be groundbreaking for athletes. After a hard hit, what you see on the outside doesn't even being to show the impact on the inside.

Golden Ghetto Gets On The Bus

With Cautious Optimism, Johnson County Commits To Expanding Bus Service

Johnson County Commissioners on Thursday morning committed $300,000 to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority for expanded bus service to south Johnson County. The additional routes will cater to the fast-growing labor market at Logistics Park KC, a massive transportation and distribution hub in Edgerton, Kansas, and to the New Century Air Center in Olathe.

The New Plan For KCPS

Bedell shares KCPS vision at Northeast Middle School

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell shared a hopeful message with district stakeholders at Northeast Middle School on the evening of Tuesday, February 13, but he acknowledged that there is no magic pill to solve inherent issues with urban core education.

Fanboy Season Of Hype Celebration

Kansas City Royals: Best Tickets of 2018

Some go for the bobbleheads. Others go for the fireworks. A few prefer the Monday nights when the crowds are a little more sparse. No matter your preference, we all love the game and Kauffman Stadium is ready to shine again in 2018.

Eminem - River ft. Ed Sheeran is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

NOBODY wants to see a pig in a bikini. Stop this shit immediately.

Super Dave said...

Great song of the day choice Tony!

8:41, Visionworks has $39 dollar evision exams right now to get your eyes tested which might help your inability to see clearly.

Anonymous said...

"superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell shared a hopeful message with district stakeholders"

The pic of the meeting tells all regarding the KC school district. Interested participants by my count: 11 Caucasian, 2 Negro, and 1 unknown.

I recall hearing that the district has 10% Caucasian children.

Thank you Northeast news.

Anonymous said...

Bus in the the crime Johnson County, bus in the crime.