Friday, February 09, 2018

Show-Me Fake HOA Missouri Fee Fear

Round-up of yet another scam plaguing Missouri homeowners. Take a look:

Fake homeowners association files liens against Missouri homeowners

Some homeowners in Missouri are falling prey to a growing problem in the state: The filing of improper liens and other documents, WDAF-TV reported. The latest victims are people living in a quiet Kansas City, Missouri, neighborhood. For years, they received collection notices from a fake neighborhood homeowners association, WDAF-TV reported.


Anonymous said...

What is actually happening here is that an Elected Official, the "Recorder Of Deeds" is failing to perform the duties of their office.

It's fine for a State Representative to claim that this results from a "lack of staffing", and I would fully support the concept of making the filing of a false claim a Felony, but we also need legislation that would make the ACCEPTANCE of a false claim cause for the immediate "vacation of Office" on the par of the Elected Official and a permanent bar against their ever holding elective office in the State again. This would bring about the verification of each claim and eliminate the "just stamping and filing", regardless of the level of staffing.

Perhaps Counties should consider making the "Recorder Of Deeds" a Professional Position, rather than a temporary rest stop or stepping stone for Political Hacks.

This Political Class horseshit ain't funny folks, we're talking about people's HOMES here!

Anonymous said...

Missouri needs a statute that requires homeowner associations be abolished and only reestablished for a period of three years based on voting approval from the residents. These little Missouri gestapo mother fuckers need to have their attitudes adjusted.