Thursday, February 15, 2018


Tragic turn of events and serious allegations against these crusaders that might hurt their credibility going forward. Read more:

Chain of Hope director charged with injuring/poisoning dog

KANSAS CITY -- A man has accused Chain of Hope, a nonprofit animal rescue group, of trespassing on his property to give his dog food that made her sick. Municipal court records show Catherine Quigley, the director of Chain of Hope, has been charged with injuring, trapping or poisoning an animal.


Anonymous said...

I am very familar with Chain of Hope and the work they do, they are not reckless in their pursuit to help dogs and have saved a ton of dogs from death and distress when their owners neglected them. Chain of Hope is a great organization that would never harm or hurt a dog and who's sole mission is to save and help as many as they can. The owner of the dog probabley gets food stamps and eats like a king! I am sure Chain of Hope wouldnt have brought food if they didnt think the dog needed the help. Just another dumb black guy looking for a lawsuit so he can get paid instead of work a job, if he had a job his dog would have had food!! And if he has a job and didnt feed his dog... well then he has no business owning one!!

Anonymous said...

Also, if chain of hope is at your house, you are mistreating the dog anyway, 4 ft logger chains, no food or water, flies on open wounds, ribs showing. It’s a shame a certain demographic has to do this to a more intelligent species than theirselves. Seen it too many times and have called C O H anonymously several times.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Chain of Hope wins this argument with Mr. Stupid. They go out in all kinds of weather to help animals, and hopefully educate their dumb-ass owners. Our neighbors used to tie up their dog with no food or water in all kinds of weather. We called the City to rescue the poor thing. They came and took the dog to the shelter and the VERY NEXT DAY the owner paid the fine and put the poor beast back outside - no food, no water, no shelter. Chain of Hope tries to prevent that. Throw the book at this guy.

Anonymous said...

KSHB should be sued for this story. Poisoned?!? They were feeding the dog. Even the owner admitted that with the explanation that his dog is just "allergic".

If this reckless slander damages COH in any way, KSHB should be held liable in the courts.

They should issue a retraction and apology.