Wednesday, February 14, 2018

No Cash For Kansas Wrongly Convicted

When EPIC mistakes destroy careers, lives and take away freedom in the Sunflower State . . . There are no consequences for the State. Take a look:

Wrongly Imprisoned In Kansas Now And State Pays Nothing, But Bill Offers Compensation

If you're released from prison in some states after a wrongful conviction, you could be owed millions of dollars or a promise of a college education. In Kansas and 17 other states, you get nothing. On Wednesday, lawmakers heard from men who'd lost decades behind bars on bogus convictions.


Anonymous said...

How about a simple apology? That seems like a nice gesture. Maybe a job at the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

That’s Trump’s America. Shithole country.

Anonymous said...

Shit for brains^^^^^

Anonymous said...

6:05 How is that Trump's fault? I can't believe you are that stupid!

I agree; Shit for brains! Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^I agree too! Yes, you do have shit for brains!