Friday, February 09, 2018


Tough choices for our favorite token Latina as she offers a unique spin on Democratic Party immigration talking points whilst her critics demand The Wall and La Migra crackdowns on everybody who doesn't fit the demographic profile of Fox & Friends. Read more:

The Kansas chemist or the drunk driver? Guess which immigrant Trump rushes to deport

Two Midwestern immigrants - one reviled, the other lauded - are virtually the same to the federal government. They're deportable. Which to bureaucrats within the Department of Homeland Security means they can be hauled off, literally dragged away from their families, handcuffed and flown or bussed back to their native countries.


Anonymous said...

She really is a fucking idiot. If the drunk ever gets out of prison he will be deported.

Anonymous said...

deport both.

Anonymous said...

Deport all illegal aliens, regardless of occupation, actually regardless of anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Deport Mary and Hoopz as well!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NOt sure how to define plagiarism, but many stories said the same thing- sure is not original thinking.

Mary says: But his legal status complicated as he tried to shift between holding a student or a work visa.

I call bullshit- He didn’t try to become legal in THIRTY YEARS? Was it that hard or did he not think his day of reckoning would ever come?

While some might call her token... I say it’s a waste of salary when The Star clearly needs more reporters on the street doing real reporting.

Short their stock and become rich!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to guess. If the mother fucker is here illegally his ass should be shipped back to his home banana republic. Believe it or not Democrats are hugely responsible for our current immigration laws and it appears they sure as hell don't want to change them.