Sunday, February 18, 2018

Local Consensus: Kansas City Chiefs Should Consider Marcus Peters Trade

Really like this snarky take on trade talk which would move controversy and erratic play out of Kansas City . . .

Marcus Peters is never, ever leaving the Kansas City Chiefs ever

I'm a fool for writing this, for even wasting my time on a piece that even bothers to ask and answer the question about Marcus Peters's future with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, great idea. Trade him to Cleveland, they have a lot of draft picks and he will find out Kansas City was a pretty good place to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that I don't spend the requisite 4 hours a day listening to sports talk radio that might enable me to understand what the fuck Matt Conner was talking about in that article. Call me thick, but I guess I needed the /sarc tag, because I could not tell when he was being serious or snarky.
I know this. I don't care how good Marcus Peters is on the field. I don't want him on my city's team. I don't want to listen to his mouth or watch his antics. This is the kind of player that is poison to a locker room, and corrosive to the type of football I played and watched as a kid.
I am not saying that I will quit watching the Chiefs if he stays, but if he does, I will be watching a lot less football, and my enjoyment of the game will be diminished.
NFL ratings have dipped dramatically, and it is players like Marcus Peters that are a prime reason.
I want to be proud of my team, win or lose. Peters makes that a difficult, if not an impossible proposition.

Anonymous said...

He will leave the team. In cuffs. I hope.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^I agree

Anonymous said...

one has to wonder why the chemistry of the chiefs isn't right.

often, one or two players on a team, or coaches for that matter, can prevent its coalescing to a winning team.

for example, alex smith was a good quarterback but things didn't work quite right with the team.

something's going on.

Anonymous said...

Peters and that immature tight end are not team players.