Friday, February 16, 2018

Kansas High School Sexting Crisis Exposed

Conservative author Jack Cashill takes on the politics of a tragic bit of bullying and lays blame at progressive politics. Checkit:

Those Who Scoff at Hawley's Take on Sexual Revolution Should Look at Topeka's Seaman High - The Sentinel

Missouri attorney general and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley was widely criticized recently for daring to suggest that the "sexual revolution" was not necessarily a good thing. He linked it, in fact, to a rise in sex trafficking, an argument that the Star's Mary Sanchez, among others, dismissed as "fodder for the religious right's idiotic culture wars."


Anonymous said...

Semen high?

Anonymous said...

They should rename it Semen High School.

Anonymous said...

To make comments about sex and teenagers means that 6:09 and 6:16 are likely pedo’s. Tony, turnover their IP information to the authorities.