Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kansas City West Bottoms Circa 1951

Just a quick glimpse at the aftermath of Great Flood of '51 that led to the decline of Kansas City's old school industrial zone until very recently.

Tonight there's a West Bottoms meeting tonight that hopes to help KCMO offer public resources to fuel more developer speculation.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Drive the crumbling streets and rickety bridges to a meeting to hear how that big and wondrous "MOMENTUM" is gonna be bigly sucking more out of Killa City's taxpayers' pockets!!!

Don't expect those calls to 911 to get rapid responses from fd,emt,or pd for you while you're in that Wild West Bottoms. Magic BowTie mayor growled just last week the budget's not budging one bit for public safety. But, if y'all is any of his development buds and besties, by all meant, belly up to the TAXPAYERS' FUNDED TROUGH.


Anonymous said...

Pfft. There are gunshots -- during the workday! -- down there every couple of weeks. And some have returned to work to find bullet holes in their windows.

I wouldn't put much into a project that in 5 years will be another KC development failure.