Monday, February 05, 2018

Kansas City Rug Rat Snow Day

KCPS Closed Today . . . Here's more winter bad news for parents coping with the Winter doldrums but earning very little help from local institutions:

Full list of school closings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several districts have announced school closings for Monday, Feb. 5 due to slick roads and sub-zero temperatures. Not seeing the closings below? Click here to find all school closings and delays.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of weenies we're breeding. When I was their age, we had to walk to school regardless of the temperature or snow. And it was uphill both ways. But the worst part was the wolves. Good times!

Anonymous said...

^^Pity you weren't eaten, then we would be subject to dull stories of your dullard youth.

Anonymous said...

^Big Bad Weenie (11:48) is angry because Little Red Riding Hood outsmarted him. It was the ridiculous Caitlyn Jenner tranny granny getup he wore that wasn't fooling anyone.