Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kansas City Fat Tuesday Night News Links

Hottie London remains one of our all-time faves as we offer just a bit of Mardi Gras tribute to her body of work and all the worthwhile Kansas City news links tonight . . .

Kansas City Party Time Still Not Paying Off Despite Big Money Investment

The Power & Light District Still Hasn't Delivered

On Ruckus last week we discussed the city's debt and its profligate spending on the Power & Light District downtown. In the segment, I asserted that ten years ago, "Kansas City fell all over itself to try to build an entertainment district. It hasn't created any new jobs; it hasn't created any new businesses."

The "Free Syed" Roundup

TIMELINE: The Legal Odyssey Of Syed Jamal, The Lawrence Man ICE Wants To Deport

The threat of deportation has made Lawrence resident Syed Jamal an international cause celebre. On Monday, the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals in Virginia granted a stay in his case, preventing immigration enforcement officials from deporting him to his native Bangladesh. Jamal's legal saga offers an illustration of the U.S.

Kansas City Helping Hand

Good Samaritan steps in to help Kansas City police officer take down suspect

It was in the area near Armour Road and Troost Avenue where an arrest got out of hand and could've ended badly if not for the bravery of a good Samaritan. By any standards, applause was warranted for Blake Applebury. On Tuesday, the accolades came in the form of a certificate of appreciation from the Kansas City Police Department.

Mi Ranchito Mayhem Tonight

Victim in stable condition after stabbing inside Olathe restaurant

One person is in stable condition following a stabbing inside an Olathe restaurant. The stabbing happened shortly after 5:30 p.m. in Mi Ranchito at 14154 W. 119th Street A suspect was taken into custody by police after stabbing one person. Olathe police say the suspect, a male, entered the business and got into a disturbance with an employee.

Swatting Aftermath report

Topeka police shooting prompts bill that would open access to body camera video; law enforcement groups oppose

Relatives of Dominique White, who was shot and killed by Topeka police officers in September 2017, told legislative committees Tuesday that the public should have greater access to audio and video from police cameras, especially in cases of officer-involved fatal shootings. But law enforcement agencies remain opposed to the idea, saying providing such access could impede criminal investigations.

Show-Me More Tax Cuts

With Greitens on the road, latest plan to raise Missouri's gas tax, cut others emerges in the Senate

JEFFERSON CITY * Despite concerns by top leaders about a potential loss of revenue forcing further cuts to state programs, a Senate panel Tuesday endorsed a tax-cut plan worth an estimated $630 million. With Gov.

Kansas City Rebuilding Year Cont'd

Chiefs' longtime linebacker Derrick Johnson will be free agent at the start of new league year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs announced that longtime linebacker Derrick Johnson will become a free agent at the start of the new league year on March 14. Johnson played 13 seasons in Kansas City, becoming the franchise's all-time leading tackler, according to the Chiefs.

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