Friday, February 02, 2018

Clay County Audit Follow-up Report

After our blog community broke this story in August of 2017 . . . The newspaper offers a bit more insight that's actually worth a look. Checkit:

Here's why angry residents started a petition for the state to audit Clay County

Frustrated Clay County residents are hitting the streets to get support for their effort to clean up local government. The movement started when one resident of Kansas City, Jason Withington, became fed up with a variety of issues in the Clay County government.

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Anonymous said...

Here is the funniest stuff you will ever hear.

Nolte barely beat Pam Mason in 2014. Thanks to various supporters of his, he won.

Now those very supporters are pushing for an audit because why? Clay County is now a circus.

So the idiots including the northland wannabe savior, JW, now complain how bad the government is and want an audit.

What will the audit's scope be? Who gets the audit after it's done? (Luann and Gene) dumbarse nolte people!!!

You backed an idiot over a gal who knew how to run the county, and what did you get you dumb fauckers, you got No nothing Nolte....