Monday, February 12, 2018

Checking The Kansas City Music Scene

Great local round-up and avoidance of a hot-button cinematic topic . . . Take a look:

Review: Black Panther: The Album

I don't patronize movie theaters. Staring at a screen in a dark room doesn't appeal to me, partially because there's an endless supply of live and recorded music I could be processing instead. I may never see Black Panther, but I've had the soundtrack on repeat all weekend.


Anonymous said...

Are negative reviews of the album banned like Rotten Tomatoes did for the film ?

Anonymous said...

Why, did you want to disparage it without seeing it like the fundamentally awful human being that are?

Anonymous said...

^^Well, you have to admire how consistently awful white men are.

Anonymous said...

@1:28 "--awful human being that are" ? You"re typing while Black again aren't you ?

Anonymous said...

How do you know he's black, racist?

Maybe, he was just typing fast.