Tuesday, January 23, 2018


As election season in Kansas City moves closer, here's the word from local activists vowing to remember a recent vote that chipped away at a 2017 election victory . . .

CFRG: Council Sells Out Voters on our Streetcar Vote.!!!

On Thursday 1/18/18 the KCMO voters learned once again that our Mayor and several members of our City Council are more concerned with their own interests and special interests than they are concerned for their constituents. Only Teresa Loar and Heather Hall saw through all the BS spread by the council members.

Should we give Scott Taylor a pass as he was smart enough to leave the room and skip the vote? Or should he be included in the list of traitors?

Ten Council members voted to negate an important part of the ordinance stopping future streetcar expansion without a public vote. The traitors talked about "streetcar contracts that couldn’t be broken". Yet nobody has ever produced a contract? Do these contracts exist? We seriously doubt it.

Our City Attorney often uses language like “unconstitutional, vague” etc. and all the so called lawyers on the City Council buy it, they’re easily led. Not a one of these lawyers asked to see what contracts have been signed and who signed them? They squashed their constituents in an effort to appease the special interest and further their own careers.

There is a Mayoral election coming up and not one of the council members who voted against voters Thursday is worthy of our vote for the next Mayor… They will all be asking for our support...Justus, Shields, Barnes, Canady, Fowler, Reed, Lucas, McManus, and Wagner all showed where their allegiance lies and it’s not with the voters. The Mayor stood for the special interests as he always does. This is not the first time for several of the other individuals. They are weak and not qualified to represent the voters of Kansas City.

Starting today, we need to begin to recruit candidates from all six council districts who will represent the voters and not their own self-interests or special interests. There are candidates out there, we need to find them. The only way we will be able to change the status quo is to elect three or four council members willing to do the job they are elected to do. It’s time to drain the “local swamp”! Heather Hall and Teresa Loar need help on issues which are important to the majority of the voters.

Our beautiful City is failing and we can’t let that happen. No Company like AMAZON or APPLE will locate in Kansas City as long as we have high crime, poor schools, and a city government that can’t function because they think they are the smartest people in the universe and they refuse to bring in outside experts to get the big jobs done right. They continue to push crony capitalism. All you have to do is look at the airport fiasco or the downtown hotel, local jails and prisons, a streetcar that has to be bailed out by city buses every time you turn around, etc.

We are looking for some hard working, sound minded individuals willing to step forward and serve their constituents.


Anonymous said...

Which Councilwoman is that in the picture?

Anonymous said...

^^^^The one we will never see in city hall. We just have fatties and lazy blacks.

Anonymous said...

Bet Lisa Ann can see Russia from her front door, too!

northlander said...

Law firms and the Downtown council run city hall and make their deals . So much the vote of the people as long as they get what they want . No wonder people don't take the time to vote . Time to replace the council from south of the river .

Anonymous said...

She can see the Russians from her front door but not her feet

Anonymous said...

Downtown council is inbred and stuck in mediocre KC think

Anonymous said...

Old crony trust funder empty suits, and now they are showing their mediocrity

agentzero said...

The Streetcar issue will change political careers. My bet is the next Mayor will be against it

Phil Cardarella said...

OK, everyone take a breath. No one betrayed anyone -- unless you count the refusal of the anti-expansion folks to accept the help pf the City Attorney so that their initiative petition -- if and when it passed -- would be legally valid.

Our City Charter provides that the City Attorney MUST give help structuring petitions -- no matter how harebrained. The Mo. Supreme Court has ruled that the City must submit ANY petition for vote -- no matter how legally flawed. BUT, passing a legally flawed initiative does not make it legal any more than calling a dog's tail a leg gives him five legs. DUH!

When something that flawed passes (especially by such a tiny number of votes) it is the Council's DUTY to take the corrective steps listed in the same Charter that creates the initiative process.