Friday, January 19, 2018


The Ogallala Aquifer continues to dry up as the Sunflower state confronts another year of scorched earth and ensuing dust bowl conditions. Checkit:

Officials predict another bad year in Kansas for wildfires

This could be another bad year for wildfires in Kansas. That warning issued earlier this week comes after back to back years of the worst wildfires in state history, which burned thousands of acres and destroyed homes, cattle, fences and powerlines. "We're setting up for about the same thing again this spring," Comanche County Fire Chief Greg Ellis said.

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Anonymous said...

Prairie wildfires are not a bad thing. They clear out the undergrowth, make the ground more fertile and allow new grasses to grow for grazing. The Plains Indians, who were consummate managers of their environment (as were the Woodlands Indians farther east), knew this well, and deliberately set fires on a regular basis.