Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kansas City Northland Exit Interview: Show-Me Silvey Talking Missouri Public Service

At last, the last word on a middling politico who never found his niche in local and/or statewide politics. To be fair, he actually comes off rather reasonable on his way out of office . . . Read more:

Silvey talks about why he left the Missouri Senate for the Public Service Commission

Ryan Silvey began 2018 as the state senator for most of Clay County in the Kansas City metro area. On the second day of this year's legislative session he resigned his seat in the Senate in order to accept an appointment to the Missouri Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities.


Anonymous said...

And besides all that, Ryan has heard that the "Little White Envelopes" are a lot thicker over on the PSC.

Anonymous said...

He liked the possibilities of the utility gravy train where he just nods yes and rates go up but hides behind the curtain and gets the most for the least