Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kansas City Morning News Link Squeeze

We're inspired by hottie Allison and her loving embrace of the Instagram side-gig economy as we check some of the top Kansas City news links right now . . .

Keeping Kansas City Urban Core Secure
Avenue Angels help apprehend man wanted on a federal warrant
La Migra Break After Alleged Hate Crime

After a year of challenges, widow of Austins shooting gets a new visa

Since her husband was killed last year in the Austins Bar & Grill shooting in Olathe, Sunayana Dumala has faced what thousands of other Indian immigrants have faced: challenges with the U.S. immigration system. Just this last week, she got some good news.

Kansas Works To Keep Water Clean

Kansas Environmental Officials Tackle Toxic Dry Cleaning Waste With Limited Resources

Dry cleaning can leave a really big mess behind. One of the largest plumes of toxic dry cleaning waste ever discovered in Kansas is just south of Wichita, and state environmental officials are working to make sure people in the plume's path have clean drinking water.

Midtown Working Space Revealed

Five inspiration points in Wesport's new Freedom design showroom (Photos) - Startland News

Carol Espinosa bears a striking grin as she bounds up the steps to the rejuvenation area at Freedom Interiors. Palpable excitement beams through her voice. "This is possibly my favorite part of the showroom," she says, pointing out the lush green carpeting, comfy seating and 360-degree view of the renovated space at 4000 Washington St.

Can Jock Guv Save The Planet???

Greitens touts Missouri's own plan to keep lakes clean

CLOSE ST. LOUIS (AP) - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is urging the Environmental Protection Agency to let the state take care of pollution concerns in its own lakes and reservoirs.

Meet Local Foodies Behind The scenes

Faces of the KC Food Industry

By Natalie Gallagher, photos by Zach Bauman Describe it on a resume: "I Introduce the best new products to restaurants at certain price points, help cultivate cocktail and wine lists and educate staff on wine and spirits." Biggest misconception about your job? "That I do nothing but drink all day long.

JoCo Police Doggie Calls It Quits

Retired Lenexa police K-9 passes away

Lenexa police SOURCE: Lenexa police A retired K-9 officer from the Lenexa, Kansas, Police Department has died. Lenexa police announced Tuesday that Diesel died. He retired in 2015 after eight years of service. Police said Diesel helped make 63 drug finds, seized $77,000, and tracked down 35 criminal suspects.

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Anonymous said...

I have to note that despite current trends to the contrary, police dogs are not K9 officers. They are dogs, with all the positive attributes they come with the best of the breed. But to assign them a human professional status is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^I agree

Anonymous said...

I disagree

Anonymous said...

All the bullshit going on in the world, and 9:37 bitches about calling a police dog a K9 officer. From me to you, let me say this: Hurry on outside and go play fuck yourself, asshole!

Anonymous said...

9:37, spot on. It's the same type of faux hero worship you get for emergency responders.

Anonymous said...

You hurry outside, get down on all fours and wait by the curb, 10:17. With any kind if luck a 'K9 Officer' will be along to hump you and your day will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where'd that stupid lying fag Byron run off to?

Anonymous said...

I agree. If I were the police dog, I would find it insulting.

Anonymous said...

He goes to Retard School during the day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The doggie pigged out!