Monday, January 08, 2018

Kansas City Grass-Fed Beef Fad Backfire

Farm to table reporting on this trend among 30k-MILLIONAIRES who ruin most decent restaurants and don't realize that waiters are insulting them when they recommend white zin - A subtle but still sweet local server snub. Checkit:

Soaring Popularity Of Grass-Fed Beef May Run Into Roadblock: Less Nutritious Grass

A few years ago, Kansas City restaurateur Anton Kotar surveyed the local and national restaurant scenes and concluded his town's reputation as a steakhouse paradise had slipped. The problem, he says, is the way conventional beef is raised - bulked up with grain on feedlots, making it cheap and plentiful and changing what Americans expect to taste.


Anonymous said...

You all are going to love flafal sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

Flafal huh?

Fucking genius, that.