Friday, January 19, 2018

Kansas City Cold Spell DEVASTATED Local Pipes Whilst City Hall LIED To Small Biz

A litany of local water problems took their toll on this town as KCMO was CAUGHT MISLEADING LOCAL SMALL BIZ in the midst of so many burst pipes. Read more:

Cold temperatures keeping water crews busy

In the first two weeks of the month, KC Water repaired 53 water mains


Anonymous said...

Come on. What's the problem? It's Jolie said when running for her seat, sometimes you've got to tell the voters what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

It's all that bursting at the seams MOMENTUM in Killa City!

Or, just some "free" fountains for Killa City of Fountains, you know, like the "free" TooT LooT Two-Mile Techno Wonder Transport!


Anonymous said...

Patch, patch, patch. Hey there Clete, hand me that roll of duct tape and some spit and bailing wire. We'll have this pipe patched in no time.