Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Kansas City News Link Peek

In more tribute to #TBT, we remember that Ava Addams is a making a name for herself in the pr0n game despite the fact that she's a bit older than her competition yet still spry, putting a new twist on "mom jeans" and providing inspiration for all of these Kansas City MSM links.

Kansas City Workout Conclusion

After 40 years in Westport, the last Gold's Gym in KC is closing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Members of Gold's Gym in Westport tell 41 Action News the business is closing its doors after 40 years in the area. Gym members have complained in the past about the gym having equipment and management issues.

Exceptional Real Estate Tradition

Dream House of the Week: Home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

This home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is on the market for the first time ever!

The Old School Underground

Old Limestone Mines In Kansas City Are Home To Stores Of Hollywood History

Businesses are using the millions of square feet of underground space to preserve rare stamps, put the finishing touches on brand-new trucks and more.

Tradition Of Service & Suds

New Kansas City brewery 'founded by veterans to honor heroes'

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Early next year there will be a new brewery with a unique purpose in North Kansas City. Each one of Callsign Brewing's beer is named after military aircraft, and each time that specific beer is brewed, there will be a special tribute.

Local Institution Celebrates NextGen

'It's a boy': After weeks of waiting, KC Zoo reveals baby penguin is a boy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A month ago the Kansas City Zoo welcomed a baby penguin, and on Thursday they revealed the gender. For the big announcement, the zoo cut into a penguin shaped cake. When a slice of the cake was removed, blue candy spilled out revealing that the King Penguin is a boy.

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Anonymous said...

@TKC, how did the MSM scoop you on the story about our gun totin' rootin' tootinest guv ever and the administrations rampant use of a shady app for messaging?

Anonymous said...

Gold's Gym Westport was not open for 40 years. It opened in 1991 or 92. Ownership and management have been in the crapper for at least the last 10 years.