Monday, December 11, 2017

Show-Me Guv Greitens Calling Kansas City Star Desperate Amid Text App Slap Fight

Credit where it's due . . . This request for public information isn't getting much traction or support from readers or any other media outlet and the Guv's workout routine is more interesting to the public . . . But the newspaper continues to push for more access:

Greitens answers question about his use of secret texting app by attacking media

Gov. Eric Greitens lashed out at the media on Monday over revelations that he and his staff use an app that erases text messages after they've been read.


Polar Bear said...

That little bastard is a con man. Straight up con man.

Anonymous said...

To hell with the star, they lost all credibility a long time ago. Greitens is my hero for shutting the star out!

Byron Funkhouser said...

So to summarize: You're not allowed to delete e-mails, but you can use an app that does it automatically for you?

The media is right to question this.

This is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And way do you care jack off go play in traffic somewhere.

Anonymous said...

So sad that Hillary didn't have this app. It would have made deleting those 30,000 emails so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Greitens should investigate The Star for its pricing policies.
Why does it charge little old ladies several times more than someone who quits the paper and then is charged a fraction of old people who have carried it for years?
Why are old people let go and young ones hired?
Why can’t we understand the people who man the phones over-seas?
What tax breaks does The Star get and why?

People in glass buildings should not throw rocks.

Go get them governor!