Friday, December 08, 2017


Great alternative take on continued MSM opposition of Trump GOP Tax cuts and their connection to the failed Guv. Brownback plan. Disagree or not, higher taxes are worth debating. Read more:

PBS NewsHour Can't Find Single Person Who Liked Keeping His Own Money - The Sentinel

PBS NewsHour ventured into Kansas to document the effects of the 2012 tax cuts. The story aired on Dec. 7, and the taxpayer-funded reporter couldn't find a single Kansan who liked keeping more of their own money.


Anonymous said...

PBS = Jew Bullshit

Anonymous said...

What tax cut? Two years ago we had the highest tax increase in state history. Two years ago my property taxes went up 12% and this year another 9% all in an effort to make up for budget shortfalls caused by Brownback and his Laffer bullshit.