Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kansas City Sunday News Link Look

This afternoon we offer tribute to hottie Erin and check some of the top news links for today. Take a peek:

Downtown Kansas City Good Life Dominates The Local Discourse

Downtown Dazzle Kansas City | KC's Signature Holiday Experience

Explore Downtown Kansas City and celebrate the season with holiday lights, special experiences and dining and shopping exclusives.

Mary Sanchez Talks #MeToo

Men, let's not take the low road to gender equality

Gentlemen, this is not a moment to mansplain or to assert that men are unfairly under attack. In the wake of a stunning number of powerful men falling to sexual harassment charges, the best reply is to listen, learn and vow to do better.

Happy Rock Crash Tragedy Update

Man is killed after being hit by vehicle in Gladstone

Police in Gladstone are investigating after a man was struck and killed by a vehicle early on Saturday. The incident happened at 2:50 a.m. on Highway 1 between 72nd and 80th Street. The man has not been identified at this time, as next of kin has to be notified.

Losing Faith In Hosmer Return

Royals Rumors: Royals not optimistic about re-signing Eric Hosmer

The Kansas City Royals knew that keeping Eric Hosmer beyond 2017 would cost them big bucks and now it appears that they're not all that encouraged about retaining the first baseman. Jon Heyman tweeted on Saturday (see below) that the team was "discouraged" about their pursuit of Hosmer.

Classic Kansas City Dive Bar Redux

Nomads Reinvents the Former D.B. Cooper's Space, Serving Coffee, Cocktails and Snacks

D.B. Cooper's was a great dive in the truest sense: It was dark and nearly windowless, with a comfortably regular clientele, vintage furniture and cheap drinks. But not everything can last. D.B.'s ownership had long been ready to move on, and the bar was sold.

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