Friday, December 08, 2017

Is Kansas City Winning Blight Fight???

More enthusiastic coverage of increased demolitions as we enter the season of deadly urban core hobo fires. Read more:

Kansas City tackles problem of vacant homes, abandoned buildings

If you live in Kansas City, odds are you live near or have driven by a vacant, abandoned, deteriorating building or home. The hundreds of blighted properties have been eyesores, crime magnets and property value crushers for years in Kansas City, but the city is putting a full-court press on the problem.


Anonymous said...

More fake news coming from sLIE, it’s impossible to tear down 800 buildings in two years. I’d be willing to bet that dept. never got $10,000,000 either

Anonymous said...

just passed a blight removal project at truman & 71 hwy , city workers tearing down a hobo tent village !!!