Saturday, December 30, 2017

Golden Ghetto Great Winds Of Change???

Steve Rose offers his perspective on recent suburbanite flap and its implications. Read more:

How one JoCo commissioner's vote could change county government - and not for the better

One Johnson County commissioner may have changed the course of local history, and not for the better. Third District County Commissioner Steve Klika was the swing vote in ousting Johnson County Manager Hannes Zacharias on a 4-3 decision.


Anonymous said...

the newspaper's views and reporting on kansas have been consistently deformed and unreliable over recent years. nobody is going to pay much attention to reporting of inside baseball, boring news because they'll suspect it's just more fake news and vendetta motivated baloney.

Anonymous said...

The newspaper's views and reporting on nearly everything have been unreliable for years. They rarely get right anything that is more complicated than a sports score, spin all stories that have a political angle and editorialize with abandon.

Tracy Thomas said...

1. Nobody cares what Steve Rose thinks.

2. If he had gone to J school rather than just be the son of Stan Rose, he'd have reported--who are the seven folks Klika wanted fired! Name names. Share details in your editorial.

3. Hannes Zacharias is angry, we get that. But he's gonna need a new job. I bet he's REALLY pissed this happened AFTER Shawnee City Manager Carol Gonzales decamped to the cushy invisible throne of Admin and Budget Director at MARC. Where the public never gets involved, and one can dream big about spending taxpayer dollars among 119 municipalities.

4. The thing is, now Hannes Zacharias can apply for Gonzales' old job, as City Manager of Shawnee. Yes, a step down. But pays VERY well. Almost a lateral pay move. Just not so much ass kissing. And besides, he has enough plaques for his wall.

5. No need to sell his house right away. Stay in Joco, move next year. City Manager is the place to be. Less visible. Look at how Eric Wade left the county ten years ago or so--and went to glorious silent ignominy as City Manager of Lenexa!! It's a low stress pud job.

Lenexa, by the way, is the Stepford Wife of JoCo. Where Botox is not needed, because nothing that might cause one to furrow one's brow ever happens. And where the KC STAR and the TV stations would need Parks and Rec to distribute bread crumbs for a reporter to ever find their way there.

6. Circling back to Klika: he is dead man walking. The two sides of the county commission are dialing for dollars, trying to recruit someone they think they could support as his replacement. And when they find that person in south OP, then and only then will there be a move to oust Klika NOW!

7. Klika is a despicable man, and a double crosser. He promised to oppose King Louie bailout of Ed Eilert's and a former commissioner's close friends. Then he flipped, and the county taxpayers just spent $32 million on this ill-conceived "Arts & Heritage Center". With a temporary election office used 8 weeks every two years. One yoga studio. One crafts room. One black box theatre, seldom used with overpriced rent, when there is another alternative at the B&B Theatres in Shawnee. Oh yeah, and two warring museums. Moldy Mindy Love's Johnson County History Museum, with its pathetic aluminum Christmas tree, and 110,000 old photos nobody cares about. And upstairs, since they refuse to work with Moldy Mindy, the separate but superior exhibit by the Overland Park Historical Society.

8. Thanks, Klika, you turncoat. You flipped on King Louie--trying to invent a job for yourself at taxpayer expense. Because Ed Eilert promised to name you to that KCATA board, where you HOPED to be hired as executive director. But instead, that board saw right through you. You once again could not control your anger. So you bullied the staff, threatened to fire employees and grabbed a woman's face like she was a doll.

Bubeye, Steve Klika. Back to running bus tours to Branson--where your career hit its zenith. It remains to be seen which of the two camps on the County Commission comes up with your replacement. We know how Steverino Rose and the STAR are scheming to finesse this.

Troubled Lenexan, sweeping up bread crumbs as fast as I can said...

Tracy tells it all. Tracy knows her facts. Folks who read Tracy's insights might need to spend some of their Christmas cash on botox.

Anonymous said...

I'll say this for Tracy. It's very rare to find anyone in Johnson County with the courage to call people out.

Especially a woman.

Good for her.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are slowly but gradually eroding my lack of interest in JoCo politics and JoCo in general. Makes me feel better to know that one of the richest counties in the country is as big a cesspit of incompetence, crony politics and vote buying as the poorest ones.

MIKEE said...

Any person with any confidence in johnson county governance is blind, deaf, dumb, incompetent, on-the-take, or sleeping with someone who is sleeping with someone.
Johnson county government has been the local sewage system for years; good ol’ boys club, developers-back-scratching-club.
Jim ALLEN tells me a west shawnee building worth $ 250,000.00 is worth $ 750,000.00 and tells the county to buy it.they did for a child care center........right down the street from a Montessori school! Then jim ( is he on the developer payroll? ) vomits up THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS in total costs ( along with the idiot KLIKA and EILERT-THE-LIAR ) to bailout a former commissioner friend and family for an asbestos-laden 1950’s bowling alley.
Jim voted to fund planned parenthood with $ 600,000.00 x 3 years of joco taxpayer money, while planned parenthood was under FELONY INDICTMENT by tyhge johnson county district attorney!
The entire johnson county commission and HANNES should be jailed for theft by deception.
Thank you god, i moved to rural missouri.

Anonymous said...

Hannes Zacharias is being supported by JOCO's sleaziest political elements and the fascist propaganda outlet the Shawnee Post. That should tell us everything we need to know. Rose's endorsement of him is just the cherry on top of the other mound of bullshit protesting his termination.

The problem is that there is more money available to the corrupt elements of JOCO politics than the honest folks and so the next election will probably see Klicka replaced by an even bigger weasel.

Kudos to Tracy Thomas' comments.

Anonymous said...