Saturday, December 09, 2017


As we approach the Midterm election season, we notice that alleged "core principles" touted among denizens of the political discourse are quickly discarded amid the quest for partisan slap fight supremacy.

The latest example . . . Candidate Chris Haulmark offers his perspective on a recent meetup where so-called progressives failed to live up to their talk promises of inclusion.

He shares his story better than anyone else could:


Hello, everyone.

This is Chris Haulmark, running for the US House of Representatives in Kansas’s Third Congressional District.

*rolling his sleeves back*

This is the Kansas way of doing HARD WORK.

I, Chris Haulmark, am prepared to do this difficult job.

Why is this so?

Well, I noticed today on the Kansas Democratic Party’s Facebook page, five Democratic Kansas candidates at a KC Star sponsored forum, hosting their gubernatorial debate yesterday on a Facebook Live stream.

The Kansas Democratic Party’s post included a partial quote: “...a great showing..!” posted for all to read.

No, it wasn't.

It should be noted that I had written a letter and mailed it to the Kansas City Star editors requesting accommodations under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), stating that we needed an American Sign Language interpreting team and needed captions provided via their Facebook Live stream.

The Deaf Community and I would have ADA-protected access to watch and learn about those five candidates and their platforms during the debate.

Fair enough?

Also, I sent a copy of the letter to the Kansas Democratic Party with the specified accommodations.

Unbelievably, at the forum, there were no FB Live captions provided.

NO American Sign Language interpreting team provided!

None whatsoever!!!

Now I am seeing that the Kansas Democratic Party is dismissing the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population.

This is setting an example for the ENTIRE COUNTRY of WE the PEOPLE to accept that it is OKAY for a political party to disregard ANY group of people!

That is NOT upholding the values of Democrats.

I expect the Kansas Democratic Party to take action and FIGHT for those people who are being disregarded.



It is because I am running for Congress as a Democrat.

And this is what MY STATE'S party is doing.

This is absolutely not acceptable.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the party trying to be neutral for all different candidates until the primary election.

Absolutely not!

All of us Deaf people were excluded from that event's accessibility!

Remember, Kansas City Star has a LONG HISTORY of oppression.

They NEVER caption their live videos.

They NEVER did write an article on OUR campaign.

That's because I am Deaf.

The KC Star already wrote articles on the FOUR other 3rd District candidates.

Where is mine?

See the Kansas Democratic Party is doing nothing about it.

I've repeatedly notified the KS Democratic Party that I am being discriminated and oppressed.

They are doing NOTHING.

They've just encouraged me to make contacts.

However, NONE EXIST!

They are not fighting for us at all.

This is why I am standing up and saying to WE THE PEOPLE that it is TIME to pressure the Kansas Democratic Party to start FIGHTING instead of endlessly waiting until all of the strong people are left standing, while the vulnerable are being DISMISSED.

That is NOT acceptable!


Now I ask my supporters, please share your views, your feedback, and weigh in on this.

We would like to learn from all of you about what we should be doing about this horrible issue.

Thank you.

It’s time to be TRUE Democrats.


Anonymous said...

This info will be spread quickly... making sure now.

Hopefully we can hold people and their jobs at The Star accountable.

Major story here... just wait and just getting started. National news.

My guess is they lack the education and National News will help them out.

Anonymous said...

Berg needs to resign.

Anonymous said...

Another “Do as I say” and not “Do as I do”.

Public apology and admission their Diversity Policy is not being followed or needs updated.


Anonymous said...

Not following the ADA... shameful. Tax breaks should be pulled and retro-collected. Horrible what they’ve done.
Copy and paste this article to Facebook and let’s get their attention.

Anonymous said...

Progessives...who are really Leftists without the guts to admit it...are LIARS.

They gave us "Affordable" Care and cost my family our health plan and our best doctor.

They hurt my grandparents medicare.

They are trying to kill us.

Trust these people and play the Fool.

Anonymous said...

What is the position of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition on this?

Do they get excited about anything other than polyamory and and transgendered teens?

Just askin, Jooshua

Anonymous said...

I hope this whining pussy becomes the voice of KS Democrats. Does ADA require KC Star to supply sign language hand waver?

Anonymous said...

Wow really liberals and liberal media are liars

Anonymous said...

Has this guy never heard of putting sentences together in paragraph form?

Anonymous said...

Glad that cop in Arizona got fired, he’d probably shoot this guy for not listening

Anonymous said...

Watch this :