Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We talked about this move and it's inevitable consequence last week . . . Here's the update and a sign of even more defiance and very little compromise from the County Exec. Checkit:

Frank White is ready for a 'dogfight' with legislature, if it comes to that

Weeks of growing tension between County Executive Frank White and members of the Jackson County Legislature boiled over Monday as legislators overrode White's veto of a measure that he saw as a challenge to his authority. The successful override vote was expected.


Anonymous said...

Delusional self-importance!
Insider dealing!
And mostly a WASTE, WASTE, WASTE of taxpayer money.
A jail under FBI investigation.
An assessment/tax system that has been dysfunctional for years.
A $20 million/year COMBAT program that's little more than a grifter slush fund.
What exactly do these courthouse electeds do?

Anonymous said...

Christ Jesus. Frank White is a disaster.

Think about it. He had an ugly divorce from the Kansas City Royals. Now he can't get along with the same county legislature that handed him this job on a silver platter.

And he's a liar. Love that Troy Thomas stood up and called Frank White out.

Anonymous said...

Can we afford to have a county government?

Anonymous said...

No accountability from Frank White.

What a poor example of leadership in Jackson County government. The fish rots from the head.

Time for folks to wake up and demand principles and integrity from our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Frank White must of thought this was just a ceremonial job and now he's pissed that the Legislature wants to actually hold him accountable for doing the work. He's turned over running the county to two staffers, Caleb Clifford and Angie Jeffries. They've sealed him off from almost everybody else.

The first thing the legislature ought to do in the budget is cut Frank's staff to the bone, starting with those two. Make Frank do the job. He's the one that got elected to do the work, not Caleb Clifford and Angie Jeffries.

Anonymous said...

Frank's forming a "commission" to study the jail? For fuck's sake. Waits is right. It's time to stop studying this "crisis" and start doing something to fix it.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:27 This shit is getting old. Why the fuck does Frank White need a task force to tell him what these consultants already have? That just wastes more time, costs more money, all the while the problem gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Folks elected a baseball player as the County Executive. OMG - what kind of credentials did he have other than a great smile and a gift for picking up ground balls? Of course, the Big Orange Ape was elected with NO governmental experience, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.