Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon Look

Right not we not only offer tribute to the lingerie hotness of Josie but also take a peek at some of the top local links of the day. Checkit:

Checkit: Kansas City Airport Still Works!!!

Kansas City International Airport Gears Up for Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers - Kansas City infoZine

Kansas City International Airport Gears Up for Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers Kansas City, MO - infoZine - Workers at Kansas City International Airport are gearing up for the annual Thanksgiving holiday travel rush. Airport officials suggest that travelers are prepared and arrive early.

Turkey For KCMO Troubles

For these 15 families affected by homicides, an early Thanksgiving surprise

This Thanksgiving, a seat at Tamika Allen's dinner table will be empty. Her brother, John Allen, was killed in May, beaten to death near 22nd Street and Denver Avenue. Thanksgiving would have been his 43rd birthday. "It's hard," Allen said of the approaching holidays. "It's real hard. He was my only brother."

1st Responder Honor For The Holidays

Holiday mart helps KC police officers in need

The 4th Annual KCPD CARE Team Holiday Mart is going on Saturday until 5 p.m. at Zona Rosa. It features more than 40 vendors. Police Sgt. Brad Stott creates sig...

The Hometown NextGen

Kansas City Royals: Assessing Nicky Lopez and other prospects from AFL

The 2017 season came to a close for the Surprise Saguaros on Thursday. The Arizona Fall League squad, which consisted of prospects from the Kansas City Royals, Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Texas, finished the campaign with a 13-17 record. There were seven prospects from the Kansas City Royals farm system on the squad.

Kansas City Chiefs Conclusion

How to purchase 2017 Kansas City Chiefs playoff tickets

Without wanting to jinx anything, NFL teams must begin to prepare for the possibility of postseason play and given their 6-3 record, that puts the Kansas City Chiefs right in the middle of such preparations.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

HEY Chiefs-----You can keep mine.

No go JoCo said...

+2 right here. no way I am watching those losers again after their treachery.

Joseph Turner said...

I don't approve of the protests and all of that, but I will still attend the game I have ticket for later this month, just to PISS YOU OFF!!


Anonymous said...


Hot Cross Buns!!!

How to purchase Chiefs season tickets? said...

1. Live in Johnson County and be White.
2. Buy purported rental property in Kansas City, Missouri (Jackson County).
3. Let said property deteriorate into a nuicance and/or blight.
4. Pay property tax only.
5. Stand in line for pre-season ticket sales with said property tax receipt.
6. Rinse & repeat.

It’s funny that you can buy pre-season Chiefs tickets with a paid property tax receipt but you cannot buy a house on the courthouse steps if you’ve had a City Code violation. Something is very wrong in the City and it’s not just the Chiefs losing season after season.