Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Show-Me More Deets On Missouri Vs. Google

Not just an election season power play but maybe an effort to garner EPIC fines against the search giant from an ambitious politico:

Missouri AG wants to know if Google broke consumer protection laws

That last charge was central to the EU court's recent antitrust case against Google, for which it served the internet titan a record-setting $2.8 billion fine. But the search company has been punished before for illegally collecting and storing user data.

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Anonymous said...

OOO, Ooo, ooo - is um big tough Attorney General going to take down the Bad, Bad Corporate Giant?

I know Hawley is only using the AG Office as a stepping stone to some higher Office more worthy of his magnificence, but can't he show at least a little respect for the people of this State and not make such blatant grabs for headlines?

Are we really supposed to believe that Google cares for one second what the totally inexperienced AG of some fly-over State does or says?

Doesn't he realize how this sort of stunt makes him look as inconsequential as a little ankle-biter rat of a lapdog barking at a draft horse?