Saturday, November 11, 2017

Show-Me Guv Greitens Israeli Cyber Security Missouri Tech Training Agreement

Quick look at the top GOP politico in the state making International connections that stand to benefit local students competing in the global marketplace. Check it:

Greitens announces pact between Israeli cyber security firm and Missouri colleges

JEFFERSON CITY * Gov. Eric Greitens announced on Friday a pact between the state of Missouri and HackerUSA, a cyber security education firm with roots in Israel. According to a news release, the agreement "paves the way" for Missouri colleges and universities to work with the firm in order to start cyber security training programs "designed to help technology professionals protect their organizations and citizens from cyber attacks."


Anonymous said...

A Jewish Governor cut a deal with an Israeli company--no shit ?

Anonymous said...

What a shock! A jew sending business to another bunch of jews.

Anonymous said...

while I support Greitens as governor.. wouldn't want him running for Prez.. if he'll be doing this kind of scam with israel. Oy Vea!

Anonymous said...

Trillions of dollars are protected all day, every day in this country by American cyber security companies. Now, a so-called conservative Governor spends Missouri tax dollars on a trip to a foreign country where a pact is made for Missouri Universities to do business with a Non-American firm. At least half of planet Earth is boycotting Israel because of their treatment of the Palestinians, our lawmakers have now made this boycott illegal in the US (let that sink in, ILLEGAL TO BOYCOTT ISRAEL) and now, (((Greitens))) makes a business deal with this same murderous ethno-state. America had no enemies in the Muslim world before there was an Israel. So much for "America First" !

Anonymous said...

This isn't anything at all like crony capitalists and some Christian aid agencies involved in funding sweatshops, er, uh, global biz partners where supposed Human Rights watch agencies say factions fight over issues as hellish as most of what troubles those in Israel and Palestine? Numerous U. S. jobs went away when Latin American and Asian nations took Victoria's Secret, Jockey, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and might as well say all the socks and undies makers. And, some of those meany narco terror types are said to be the bosses, landlords, and lenders to the slaves, oops, I mean, laborers who have no ownership of anything much in the depressed backwaters of Central America and East Asia. Having security of sensitive financial and other strategic data MAY BE MORE CRITICAL THAN LOWER PRICED UNDIES!

Anonymous said...

2:30 says, "America had no enemies in the Muslim world before there was an Israel."

Um, guess you missed American history the day they discussed the Barbary Wars. We've been fighting with Muslims as long as we've existed.

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of TRIPOLI

Seriously dude, pull your racist head out of your ass. You sound like a KCMO public school grad.