Sunday, November 19, 2017


An ongoing tumult in the culture war and gender identity politics hits close to home and inspires one of our pals to share some uncomfortable deets.

Like it or not, #MeToo has recharged the battle of the sexes at a time when rising American obesity makes distinctions betwixt naughty bits mostly irrelevant or inconsequential.

Still . . . And in a move that's both tragic for humanity, American culture and the fate of the world . . . Politics is now tragically more important than where people want to stick it . . . Example:

'Me too' movement renews Equal Rights Amendment push

And so, in an otherwise tedious conversation about Johnson County movie theater TIF and the upcoming Westbrooke Green disaster in the making . . . Here's a shocking revelation from a friend of the blog . . .

Tracy Thomas: "Once at his office Christmas party a few years ago, he had had a few too many cocktails, and during a discussion, he poked me in the chest. I did not press charges, although it was a provable instance, technically, of assault and battery. I did however file a police report. Because I wanted to document his illegal and bad behavior. In case he does that to other women, it is now on the record as not the only instance." 

The JoCo political power player in question is still very much a part of development and political current events in Shawnee.

But this is Tracy's story to tell in greater detail and we encourage readers to not only visit the JoCo Post to hear more of her story sometime in the near future but also share words of support for Tracy Thomas for her bravery in fighting against corporate tax breaks and the Shawnee hegemony.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Good for Tracy. She is actually very brave, very smart and should not be subject to that kind of intimidation.

Shawnee must change soon.

Anonymous said...

I was a victim to my female Kindergarten teacher slapped me on my bottom.
I never got over it.
I have been a victim ever since.

Anonymous said...

Fuck JoCo Post, either print it here or it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Notice there is not a lick of proof of her claim.

Anonymous said...

One year while I was playing High School football, my coach slapped me on the butt right before I was going onto the field to play.
I thought about pressing charges but didn't.
But I should have.
I feel guilty because Lord knows how many HS players have been victimized since then.

Anonymous said...

Let me make it clear that I, like most people, do not condone inappropriate behavior or advances, but this whole #metoo thing seems like it’s becoming a trend or fad and you’re not cool unless you’ve somehow been victimized, thereby causing some people to overreach.

chuck said...

I couldn't find the story???

Sex Robots.

The reignition of the "War Of The Sexes' has featured a dramatic power shift to the "weaker sex". :)

Seriously, this is a tectonic shift that creates more hoops on fire, for would be suitors (Read - men)to jump through in pursuit of relationships and carnal knowledge, not necessarily in that order.

Sex Robots will change the world.

1) No more war. Who is going to go "See The Elephant" if they can stay home and spend some quality time with Blake Lively or Sophia Vergara?

2) Declining economy. Who is going to go to work, if they can stay home and spend some quality time with Black Lively or Sophia Vergara?

3) The end of expensive, cool cars. Who is gong to work their asses off to impress a chick, when you can stay home and spend some quality time with Blake Lively or Sophia Vergara?

4) The end of fist fights and bar brawls. Who is going to go to a bar and impress some chick with money and machismo, when, well you know...

5) The end of gyms. Who is going....

6) The end of most of retail, with the exception of "Priscillas".

7) The end of "Dining Out". Sex Robots don't eat.

8) The rise of frustrated, muscle bound Amazons!!!!

9) The rise of WAR!!!!

10) Laws against Sex Robots!!!

you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Sex robots are cool.

Tracy Thomas is full of shit....... said...

This bitch is full of shit. All she wants to do is get her old mug in the public eye. Next she will say she is engaged to Craig Glazer. Fuck.....

Anonymous said...



Frank said...

You haven't lived until you've seen a fembot on wet t-shirt night.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could at least look up the police report......and show it here.

Anonymous said...

Jesus fucking Christ! The only thing these broads are proving is that men need to do without thier asses. If I filed a police report every time a woman touched my nads, my ass. my chest, my damn hair, my thigh sat on my lap, made comments, kissed me without permission, dealt with some horny drunken bimbo or some other equally life threatening assault on my body space I'd spend my life in court.

What men need to do is quit sucking up and leave them to sink into their own bitching insignificance. The alternative may well be suffering the effects of psychotically imposed impotence. Instead of begging for forgiveness we need to abandon these screwballs and their drama queen shit and stop rewarding the bitching about anything and everything males do. We have reached a point where women think the only thing men can talk about is what they approve. The only thing men can look at is what women approve of. They work endlessly to refuse to allow men to be men, but do everything they can to attract and titillate on a sexual level. Gene Simons got this one right. All you have to do is look at the little sissy boys and gay ass males being raised by single mothers and you can get what the male population would look like if they were to get their way.

The only thing of value to men that women bring to the party is sex and femininity which they heavily they advertise and promote (if not bait). Screw these broads and the horse they wish they could ride in on. I suppose the only way men can be men and not be accused rapists is to wear a sign that says, "Ice Bitches Stay Back 50 Feet", but I guarantee there will be a mile long line of those who think the rule wont apply to them.

Orphan of the Road said...

Good to see the Sex Without Partners members chiming in on this.

Good for Tracy reporting it and NOT pursuing legal actions.

I am shocked, shocked I say, to find out men will exploit women for sex or rape them. Only got to witness it daily for 20-years at a Fortune 500 company HQ & R&D.

Morality is how we think the world works while it is pure economics.

Public Service Announcement said...

Unless Tracy names names and states facts to prove it all it isn't worth talking about. She wants the publicity or she wouldn't have said just enough to get everyone's attention while saying maybe the real story be out later. Hogwash if you have been a victim say so make it all well known or just shut the hell up.

The point being almost anyone could dredge up something in their past that sounds like or appears to be some sort of harassment meeting todays views that everyone women included laughed their ass off about just 10 years ago.

Women, don't hold yourself on a pedestal here because you're just as guilty if not more than most men are. Inappropriate touching or sexual comments while on the prowl for something you want is almost common daily occurrences.

Anonymous said...

I have been begging for someone to "sexual misconduct" me for 30 years.
They always laugh and say, "go away, ugly man."

Anonymous said...

Men have their own hashtag for Tracy:


Anonymous said...

Tracy loves all the attention can't believe she hasn't replied a half a dozen times to this

Tracy Thomas said...

The reason Tony did not name the silver-haired orator was simple: fear of a lawsuit, by the richest most powerful development law firm in town-- so powerful the city bought them a damn building! Splashed the firm's name on the side! The Firm thus avoids investing cash in real estate, (their specialty is using OPM Other People's Money)-- because the law firm on the Plaza just leases the building from the city!

The reason I did not pursue the case is much the same. Both witnesses were his law partners. It was their annual Christmas party where until that night I was a guest at for at least 20 years. Did I believe any of them would ever admit that one of their biggest rainmakers was so disrespectful and unable to control his anger at being challenged on a verbal political point that he committed assault and battery? Hell no. They would lie any day of the year, but especially when the principal witness was three feet away and drunk (like usual, as had been reported to the Joco Sheriff previously at a public hearing) and was the man's co-partner on big development cases.

I did the appropriate thing: I filed the police report. Period. It's on the record.

I may be alot of things, but I am not a liar. Nor do I use sex to manipulate men.

11:11, you in particular, are a coward. I sign my work. You snipe and hide. You have revealed your major character defects. I imagine those will continue to show up frequently in your workplace and your relationships. Let me guess--you don't even have the balls to read aloud or email what you just wrote--to your friends, family and coworkers this week or at Thanksgiving dinner, for fear of being shunned. Called out. Or perhaps forced to take sensitivity training.

But who knows. You don't have the courage to sign your work. Or meet face to face.

And people wonder why more women don't come forward. TKC is the toughest platform in town. Yet I allowed Tony to report my experience--not a "story"--my true experience.

Thank you to those who "get it".

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Can't be anymore Attention grabbing story that with this #metoo crap Tracy. Either prove it or forget it. Just more she said with out let he said come to light.

Anonymous said...

You can't use sex to manipulate men, Tracy.


Those days are long gone, if they ever existed.

Anonymous said...

More Fake News.

Anonymous said...

If it happened, the dude must have been into trannies

Anonymous said...

I remember when Pablo The Naked Cowboy sat on my grandmas lap with those nasty ass leather bikini bottoms.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds Yoder won't run again?

He has to be on one of the Congressional creep lists.

The spiritual skinny dip wasn't an isolated occurrence.

Anonymous said...

Good argument for just hiring a hooker.

Anonymous said...

What is it about women that has them thinking coming out with allegations 10,20, 30 years later rates significance or attention? Oh yeah! Libtards. What a fucked world it would be if a man were made out to be perverts or scum of the earth for fondling his date at the movies, without written consent, 30 years ago and then be expected to pay a devastating price after all those years. Oh Wait!