Thursday, November 09, 2017

Meth Town No-Tell Motels NO MORE

New spy cam regs should remind us that SOMEBODY IS ALWAYS WATCHING and the era of discretion is now a thing of the past. On the bright side, nobody wants to witness anything most motel guests are up to . . .

Independence ordinance requires all hotels, motels to install surveillance cameras

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The City of Independence is taking the next step to improve public safety. On Monday, the Independence City Council approved an ordinance requiring all hotels and motels to install surveillance cameras. Most businesses in town already have cameras, but city leaders said the new ordinance will get everyone on the same page.


Super Dave said...

Yes the city wants you spend your money on security so they can spend more money on developments and less on public safety.

I find it hard to believe a city can force you to install cameras on your property.

Anonymous said...

This is BS!
Leaders of ordinance must be in the security camera biz.
Is this for the people or more for the INSURANCE companies?
Insurance companies have so much money stockpiled they hope for disaster.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon cops wont even be necessary. Folks will haver cameras and alarm systems. Privat4e venues have their own security. Retail has loss prevention. Hell, the cops can just hang out at the city building and collect a check.

Anonymous said...


The MAYOR of Independence Missouri is a Democratic Communist Liberal, she was interviewed in the news last December that she was voting for Pathetic Skankster corrupt lying Communist HILLARY CLINTON !!!!!

She had a slight change of heart after I sent her a fuckin EMail with a few Hillary Clinton Video's :) showing all her lies and bullshit thru the last 20 years !!! as well as BILLY BOY Husband was an actual RAPIST !!!! and involved in illegal Drug running down in Mena Arkansas !!

Heres the catch majority of time those security camera are of poor quality anyway as far as video footage goes, aimed in the wrong direction but where it should be pointing,,,,,,,,

and NOT maintained and most don't even work and are broken after a few years !!!

So,,,, whats NEXT ????????

Well, if You know anything about any of these CRIMES, call 474 tips and you too can remain Anonymous, that's IF you can get anybody to actually answer the phone ????????????

Anonymous said...

This is not going to be good for a few street vendors that prefer to wear fishnet hose.

Anonymous said...

Great idea.

Anonymous said...


Do any of those STREET VENDORS that wear "FISHNET" hose ever actually catch any FISH ????

If so,, what they taste like ????

are they fillet'd 1st ???

How many can they catch legally ????

is there a LIMIT ????

Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh out loud. Have you seen some of the security camera footage showing the criminals? It's a grainy picture of the top of someone's head.