Friday, November 10, 2017

Kansas City Veterans Day Aftermath News

Quick glimpse at some of the top stories that we're checking for tonight . . .

Kansas City Rent-A-Meter-Maid

Kansas City looking to outsource parking enforcement downtown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - To help support downtown businesses and multimodal transportation, such as the Streetcar, Kansas City is looking to fix parking problems such as enforcement and help increase turnover. 41 Action News first reported that the city was looking into utilizing a private vendor to help with enforcement back in June.

Busted Pipes Continue To Plague KCMO

KCMO Water working on multiple water main breaks

KANSAS CITY - There were multiple water main breaks throughout Kansas City on Friday. STATE LINE ROAD AT 97TH STREET Officials expect State Line Road just north of I-435 to be closed for at least the next 12 hours after a 12-inch water main break. The closure is between 97th Street and 99th Street.

Rock Chalk Kansas City B-Ball

League led by former KU basketball player reveals name of KC's new professional basketball team

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Basketball fans get ready, there's a new team in town and it's building a buzz. The KC Buzz, a professional basketball team in the North American Premier Basketball League, will soon play at Municipal Auditorium.

New Product Line Rolling

Kansas City's Harley-Davidson plant makes newest model to hit the market

The newest Harley-Davidson motorcycles to hit the market - its Sport Glide model - are rolling out of the company's Kansas City assembly plant. Production of the Sport Glide began in early October when it was added to other models in Harley's Softail line of vehicles. Kansas City makes all of Harley-Davidson's Softail models.

Tiny Life Tribute In Kansas City

Donation made for tiny homes for veterans to use

The Veterans Village in KC, where tiny homes are being built, is really taking shape and a big donation means that more veterans can get the help that they need.

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Anonymous said...

Millennials are killing Harley Davidson.

Anonymous said...

Harley Davidson is killing Geezers!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see money actually going to help Veterans since V.A. is pissing away 2 billion in tax payer dollars "improving" their medical records system - which has near no benefit to veterans in general. As usual the waste of money will boost bureaucrat moral and the veterans will continue to die in the hands of the Veterans Administration.