Thursday, November 09, 2017


An important note on the #NewKCI campaign from the opposition . . .

Citizens For Responsible Government - Kansas City: Wrap-up

A great big thanks to each of you who helped with our VOTE NO Campaign. We were not successful getting a restart on the airport project so it could be done correctly. CFRG was able to accomplish our main objective and that was to get the ordinance passed which gave the taxpayers the right to vote on the issue. Mission Accomplished!

This airport thing is not over. There are myriads of FAA regulations to meet and certain design flaws in the proposed structure which will have to be overcome. Our architects and engineers don’t think they can build what they have proposed for the price they are quoting. It is only a matter of time before they are asking the FAA for AIP funds which are YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

I was disappointed to hear the mayor say this morning when asked for some specifics on contracts, etc. “YOU DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS ON THE STREET”. In other words shut up; I got your permission to destroy your existing terminals and now I will go back behind closed doors to see what I can get in terms of a plan, MOU, contracts, costs, and you know what else.

Please visit our website for updated details. We also need your help with donations. For CFRG to continue community activities and keep the website up to date will require additional funds. How much money we are able to raise will determine the level of future activities. This campaign cost CFRG about $14,000. Our competition spent $1,700,000 so you can see it is and always will be an uphill battle.

For those of you who sent letters to the editor, (we had one Patriot Partner who sent eight letters to the Star only to see none published) thank you. Those who emailed and handed out flyers, attended meetings and helped with donations, we thank you! Also thanks to the two MSM radio stations, the local blogs and online newspaper who supported our effort and did give us some air time and print exposure.

Again, we thank you all for your support!

You decide . . .

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