Friday, November 10, 2017

Kansas City Museum Upgrade First Look

A glimpse at even more improvements for Historic Northeast Kansas City. Take a look:

$15M renovation of KC Museum's Corinthian Hall begins [RENDERINGS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Four years after management and operations of the Kansas City Museum were transferred to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, the 77-year-old museum is about to reinvent itself. According to the Northeast News , JE Dunn Construction began work on a $15 million renovation and restoration of Corinthian Hall on Nov.

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Anonymous said...

I have no problem at all with the restoration of Corinthian Hall, though I wish that someone more reliable than "Poorly Dunn" had been chosen for the job. This s indeed good news for the Old Northeast.

But, I still want to know what has happened to the Museum's Collection of artifacts. Where have they gone, and if they've been "disposed of", to whom and for how much, and where's the money?

I'm very much afraid that all that neat stuff that used to be part of KC's culture has "vanished into the mists" like so much of the City's Past that the "better Class" has gotten their hands on.

How about some answers rather than donuts?