Friday, November 17, 2017

Kansas City Murder Count Teachable Moment

Whilst the district struggles to gain full accreditation, the new leader of the KCPS offers criticism of KCMO's lack of progress in protecting residents. Read more:

KCPS' Mark Bedell to city hit with violence: When do we come together?

It's inexcusable for Kansas City to simply accept 130 murders before it's even December, Mark Bedell said. "Who do you think are committing these crimes?" Bedell, superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, asked a crowd gathered Thursday for the Lean Lab's Launch[ED) Day .


Anonymous said...

Better question ... When do you fix our schools.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and most of the money we pay is to the K.C. school system.

Anonymous said...

"High accountability for each other..."

I wholeheartedly agree with you Mark Bedell.

Let's start in the homes, the home of the students in the KC Metro Area.

If Mark Bedell and other adults truly cared about the murders in KC, then they would make a courageous move and be accountable and call out these parents, relatives, shop owners and take an united stand against criminal behavior.

The ministers and preachers know who commits crimes in the community and they need to speak out and demand a change.

I believe addressing the source (families, ministers, preachers, teachers, barbers, beauty operators, hair braiding person, nail techs) and demanding they STOP profiting off these crimes (against their own community) will bring an end to the violence and death in the inner city and surrounding areas.

Where is the outrage of these victims families? Is there no outrage because they know information that would be vital to understanding "why" and "how" there was a loss of life? Could most likely be.

Please start by asking the relatives of the crime victims and all your friends, YES YOUR friends, the minister at the church where you worship, your hairdresser, your hair braiding person, your nail tech where you have your nails done ... a few questions.

Do they know someone in their immediate family who owns an illegal gun?

Do they know someone in their immediate family who is involved in illegal activity... ie robbery, burglary, buying or selling stolen goods?

It beyond time for the black community "TO BE REAL" and ask for the truth from those who have been withholding the truth...

It starts in the home. Mothers are AWARE of their children's behavior and if they own weapons and how they use their weapons to commit crimes that leads to the murders.

Anonymous said...

When do we come together? Sadly, never.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to be the next spearchucker to run for mayor?

Anonymous said...

I sure all the murdered and the murders are/were provisional graduates of the KCMO school district.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bedell. The City said it would be safer after the public safety sales tax renewal in 2010, after it hired a black police chief, after it evicted 60 homeowners in favor of East Patrol project, after the city built a new crime lab to process rape cases, after the police received updated gadgets to fight crime and here we are nearly a decade later - KCMO schools barely have 15,000 enrollees, we are seeing a crisis in homicides, police shootings, racial unrest and the fat cats keep getting fatter. It’s high time for some accountability.

Anonymous said...

Black ministers manufacture crime to inflate their societal appearance of importance. These crooks s/b thrown in jail with the rest of the menaces.

Anonymous said...

About now, if not earlier, Dr. Bedell is realizing that KC will not be his home for much longer.

The district remains in a downward spiral, shrinking, struggling to meet basic accreditation, and centered in a violent urban core.

Municipal government rewards wealthy non-residents at the expense of core institutions like public schools and libraries. The city is led by a gluttonous, former plaintiff's attorney, who has his eye on Washington, D.C., and an overpaid City Manager who colludes in private to advance corporate interests.

Dr. Bedell will be practicing duct-tape policy for the district while he keeps his ears open for Superintendent vacancies elsewhere. Prediction: he's gone within 18 months