Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Kansas City Midweek Critical Shooting

Apparently, the election outcome hasn't done much to stop the quotient of violence on local streets:

KC police investigate shooting at Independence, Cypress

No arrests have been reported


Anonymous said...

No arrests have been reported.... figures.

Anonymous said...

Media wouldn’t report an arrest if there was because they neglect anything that happens east of troost. Not to mention this is the 5th murder within two blocks in the last six months. Meanwhile the Thomas Pickert homicide in Brookside is still front page news two weeks later.

Anonymous said...

Because that homeboy had a job, educated and was a family man. Oh, he also paid his taxes, That's why you keep hearing about him. Who wants to listen to , "oh he was such a good boy. he was in the process of gettin his life togetha for Realzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"