Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kansas Brownback Redux GOP Tax Plan?!?

All of the national progressive columnists are, yet again, writing the same column about Republicans repeating economic mistakes that didn't workout for the soon-to-be departing Guv . . .

Sam Brownback trolls America: The guy who wrecked Kansas is the GOP's role model

Sam Brownback came to Capitol Hill and told big lies about the tax bill the GOP is about to jam down our throats


Anonymous said...

Borrow and spend. Again. The Bush tax cut mistake on steroids. The GOP proves it doesn't care about trillions more added to the debt.

Raising taxes on the middle class. Tuition taxed as income. State and local tax deduction gone. Student loan deductions gone. Medical deductions gone.

Mandating FIFO accounting rules raises taxes on stocks for individual investors.

Kansas style pass through rates for businesses to launder their money. The mother of all loopholes.

And the best MAGA moment: Companies that outsourced jobs and profits overseas get trillions in cuts to bring that money home. I thought we were going to start punishing companies that fired American works and moved. Trump promised to get tough and impose tariff. Instead, they get a huge tax cut???

Lying sack of shits Blunt, Moran, and Roberts all need to be primaried.

Anonymous said...

^^^ nice collection of lies. Did you copy and paste from Elizabeth Warren's website?

Anonymous said...

I copied and pasted from the senate bill.

Read it. Do the math.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Even the leftist Tax Policy Center says that the bill evenly spreads taxes across all income levels.

The national debt under the first 43 Presidents was approximately $10 trillion. It increased by approximately another $10 trillion under Obama.

The U.S. Corporate tax rate is the highest in the industrial world. Trump campaigned on lowering it. NAFTA is being renegotiated, also as Trump promised.

The lying sack of shit is you.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to report a Russian bot.

We don't have the highest corporate tax rate. NAFTA is NOT being renegotiated. Fake news, like Trump's Muslim migrant violence tweets.

This bill is not even. The vast majority of tax breaks are to high earning individuals and businesses. All of them get permanent breaks. The middle class just gets some temporary cuts. Millions of families actually get tax increases.

Obama didn't promise to balance the budget and lower the debt (although he reduce the annual debt from $1 trillion annually to $500 billion. The GOP and Trump did promise to balance the budget. They lied. The annual deficient is higher in 2017 than 2016. It's projected to increase next year.

Borrow and spend, again. Just like Dubya and Reagan.

Your move, Putin paid MAAAGAAA sheep.

Anonymous said...

Make the swamp richer again.

Donors get the biggest breaks.

Anonymous said...

Poor 7:08, caught in a trick. Anyone can google the facts. Too bad there are people that won't check and will actually believe your lies and agitprop.

Anonymous said...

Poor 8:07. Must be a product of KCMO schools. Can't do math.

Anonymous said...

9:28 must be Baghdad Bob. Tells boldfaced lies and gets caught.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link that disproves your lies, 9:28. Put on your pussy hat and go spread your lies to some other gullible moron.